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Palma Flora is a small settlement and popular vacation destination on the southern tip of the Vezdali Peninsula, on the Menagerie Coast.


Despite its small size, Palma Flora is known for several things: a cocktail as befitting its status as a frequent vacation site for the merchants and Zhelezo of Port Damali, and shark hunting. There is an annual shark hunting tournament, and it is possible to see shark hunters from the Riptide Inn and Tavern near the southern shore of Flora Isle.[2]

Most of the locals live in the northern part of Palma Flora, while Flora Isle is the primary vacation spot and recreation area and is accessible via a wooden bridge to the peninsula. In addition to the shark hunters, who not only participate in the annual tournament but also serve as Palma Flora's informal militia and protection from pirates and sahuagin,[3] the main industries of Palma Flora are tourism, agriculture, and brewing. The farmers' and brewers' association is called the Palma Flora Traders, which gives them more bartering power when dealing with the larger cities of the coast.[2]

The settlement has an elder to help with larger issues, but for the most part the people are self-governed.[1]

Points of interest[]

  • Riptide Inn and Tavern, the tallest building on Flora Isle where most visitors of the island are staying.
  • Public Square: in the center of Flora Isle stands a wishing pool looked over by a statue of the Storm Lord, patron deity of Palma Flora’s shark hunters. Several market stalls selling fresh fruit stand just north of the square.


Palma Flora by Deven Rue

Official map of Flora Isle in Palma Flora, by Deven Rue from the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, p. 209.[art 2]



Palma Flora's population is 68% human, 13% halfling, 11% dwarf, and 8% other races.[1]


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