Palebank Village is an Uthodurnian fishing outpost village and the first surviving outpost of its kind beyond the Flotket Alps.[1][2]

The Vellum Steeple of Uthodurn maintains a teleportation circle to Palebank, which is involved in their excavations of Eiselcross to the north.[3]

Society and Culture Edit

Demographics Edit

Palebank Village has a population of 690, 61% of which was Dwarves, 32% Elves, 3% Gnomes, and 4% other races.

Notable Individuals Edit

Name Type Description
Elro Aldataur NPC A neutral-aligned male Elven ranger and the appointed leader of Palebank Village.[1][2]
Urgon Wenth NPC A male Dwarven explorer.[2]

Government and Defense Edit

Palebank Village is led and governed by Elro Aldataur, an Elven ranger and the village's appointed leader, who delegates tasks to individuals who prove themselves as trusted friends and allies. Aldataur, who was appointed as the village's leader around 775 PD, oversaw the village's expansion and protection.[1]

Aldataur has sixty to ninety Glassblades at his command, who protect the townsfolk in rotating squads from territorial monsters who wander too close to the village. Some civilians are also willing to take up arms in defense of the city if necessary.[1]

Uthodurn governs Palebank Village from afar.[1]

Commerce and Organizations Edit

Basic supplies are tradable and buyable at small inns and supply shacks. The people of Palebank are ice fishers, trappers, and hunters, returning in small caravans to Uthodurn to sell wares and restock supplies.[1]

The Tribes of Shadycreek Run, a collection of rival criminal families, occasionally send agents to Palebank to seek out more information about Eiselcross.[1]

Religion Edit

Palebank Village contains two temples, one to Corellon and one to Moradin.[1]

Law and Crime Edit

Crime in Palebank is rare, as there is little room in the small community for any worthwhile criminal activity. Any crime that occurs is out of necessity and punished accordingly by the town's leader.[1]

City Description Edit

Just north of the Flotket Alps, Palebank Village is situated against the low cliff boundary of the Crystalsands Tundra. It is a ramshackle village locked in eternal winter, surrounded by four watchtowers and a ten-foot-tall palisade of sharpened logs, and is comprised of over one hundred cabins and shacks. As the town is too small for distinct neighborhoods, most businesses and residences are established wherever they can be fitted, resulting in a meandering town layout. Palebank has a small dock located on the adjacent sand-and-snow beaches, fifteen feet below the northern cliff. The docks hold around one dozen ships that typically include fishing vessels and cargo ships.[1]

History Edit

As of 835 PD, Palebank's docks were expanded to accommodate increased interest in expeditions northwest to Eiselcross, for which Palebank became a launching point. This led to growing trade and a need for more inns.[1]

At some point, the only survivor of a Glassblades patrol entered the village, claiming that an unusually organized group of trolls was approaching from the Flotket Alps.[1]

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  • Frozen Sick

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