The Palace of the Sovereign was a giant structure located in the Cloudtop District of Emon. It was the home of Sovereign Uriel Tal'Dorei III.

Palace Description Edit

The Palace had its own Royal Guard, outfitted with red capes, bronze-colored armor, and spears. Besides them, giant wooden doors blocked entry for anyone who came unannounced. A large hallway led people down to the Throne Room and the Council Chambers.

Council Chambers Edit

To the left was the Council Chambers where the sovereign met with the Tal'Dorei Council to discuss matters of importance within the city of Emon and the rest of the region. The room was round with wooden floors and forest green colored walls. Various fine weapons from different cultures were mounted on the walls for display that dated back centuries. Tapestries ran across depicting scenes from the beginnings of civilization to famous battles that were fought over the course of centuries.

Throne Room Edit

The Throne Room itself (based off of descriptions from Matthew Mercer) seemed to be a giant glass domed room to allow light in. During the battle to free the sovereign and his family from Shades that had possessed them prior to the stream, giant covers had been placed over in such a way as to leave the room incredibly darkened so as not to damage the evil spirits within the royal family.

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