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Well, you see, Laudna here was quite alone for quite some time, and she kind of needed somebody to keep her company or else she would go insane. Especially because it was just me and that voice in her head.
Laudna, speaking through Pâté in ventriloquy in "Trial by Firelight" (3x02)

Pâté de Rolo is a puppet created by Laudna made of a raven skull affixed to the body of a dead rat. Pâté is named after the de Rolo family of Whitestone, where Laudna is from. When she puppets Pâté, speaks through him using ventriloquy in a deeper pitched, almost Cockney accent.


Pâté de Rolo is a small puppet created by Laudna made out of the body of a rat and the skull of a raven that died after flying into a wall inside Laudna's home.[1] In official art, the puppet is depicted wearing a red ribbon around its neck.[2] She carries him on her belt.[3]

Laudna puppets him using magical tendrils from her fingers as strings like a marionette. She performs ventriloquy through him using a deeper pitched, almost Cockney accent.[1] She stated that he can be puppeteered a maximum of six inches away from her fingertips, though she is "working on" extending that range.[4]

He is named after the de Rolo family of Whitestone, where Laudna is from. Laudna recalled there being many de Rolos whose names began with the letter P (likely the multiple Percivals) and felt that the puppet looked like dead liver, so she additionally named him Pâté.[1]


Before 841 PD,[5] Laudna created Pâté to keep her company alongside "the voice inside her head" to prevent her from going mad in her solitude.[1] She seems proud of the work she did in creating Pâté herself.[3]

Pâté was introduced to the Campaign Three adventuring party in "Trial by Firelight" (3x02). Though Laudna was excited to show him off, reaction to Pâté among the group was mixed: Fresh Cut Grass and Ashton Greymoore reacted positively, Dorian Storm was polite but disliked him, and Imogen Temult remarked that she had not gotten used to Pâté in the two years she's known Laudna. When Laudna, speaking through Pâté, told the group that he kept her company to maintain her sanity in solitude, Orym whispered to the puppet that he did a good job.[1]

In "On the Trail of a Killer " (3x04), Laudna excitedly introduced Pâté to Little Mister, Fearne Calloway's monkey-shaped wildfire spirit. Little Mister screeched at Pâté, and Fearne attempted to encourage Little Mister to befriend Pâté by petting Pâté, which only made Little Mister jealous.[6] Later that day, Laudna showed him to Milo Krook. Thrilled, Milo called Laudna "cool" and became inspired to create similar rat-creature hybrid constructs.[7]


  • In a non-sequitur in "Ghosts, Dinosaurs, and Stuff" (2x102), Marisha asked the table if anyone was interested in ventriloquism.[8] This likely resulted in the development of Pâté.
  • A pâté (French: "paste") is a food made from a seasoned mixture of ground meat and fat, usually slow-cooked and served cold. Given Laudna compared the puppet to liver, pâté de foie gras is made of the livers of fattened ducks or geese and is considered a delicacy associated with the rich and noble.
  • Pâté's raven skull is reminiscent of Percival de Rolo's personally crafted bird-beaked mask and his raven skull clasp crafted using a skull given to him by Keyleth, who like Laudna was played by Marisha.[9][10]


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