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The Overcrow Apothecary is owned and run by the goblin Maruo, along with her often-invisible bugbear bodyguard Ben. The business is also a front for refining residuum powder into suude. It is located in the Corona District in Rosohna.[1]


The Overcrow is a narrow but tall two-story structure with mismatched roofing, lengths of chain running along the edges of the roof where lanterns and knickknacks hang from it, and you see a single wooden sign that hangs over the top. It says "The Overcrow Apothecary."[2] Inside is a surprisingly sparse display of herbs, ointments, oils, and alchemical supplies. There are oily blankets and piles of empty wooden crates scattered everywhere, with a heavy flammable oil scent in the air.[3]


There is a central room where Maruo runs the apothecary. To the back is a door that leads to a storage room where suude and residuum powder is kept. A rickety spiral stairway to the side leads to where Maruo lives and the meeting room she rents out.



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