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Ovam'mura was the Hillqueen of the hill giants. During her reign, her people were cast out of Highborn society, after which she refused to relinquish her scepter, leaving her seat on the Council of Seven Scepters empty. As of 812 PD, her seat remained empty.[1]


  • The Pools of Wittebak are now a hill giant settlement called "Gundergrunch", ruled by Prince Gondalorr. The ancestors of those giants were once a displaced band looking for a new home,[2][3][4][5] and it is possible that their situation was caused precisely by them being cast out of Highborn society.
    • Although it is not confirmed, if that community was connected to the Hillqueen, it is possible that Gondalorr and his sister Gondabrau are related to Ovam'mura.


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