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The Ounterloch is a lake curling around to the north, east, and southeast of Berleben in the Dwendalian Empire. The lake's waters are green, and it is surrounded by the Labenda Swamp.[2]


The Ounterloch is a brackish, green, swampy lake.[1] The Ounterloch area is connected to Zadash by an exceptionally long underground river tunnel. The tunnel has been partly carved out, packed, and supported with wooden beams to make it useful for smuggling via boat;[3] it leads directly to the Gentleman's establishment in the city, the Evening Nip.


Prior to the Calamity, there was once a temple on the northern shore of the lake. There are also rumors of a Marsh Siren living in the lake who lures people into the swamp to their deaths.[1]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

The Gentleman had a safe house near the banks of the Ounterloch. When contact with the safe house was lost and smuggling shipments were cut off for weeks, he sent one of his men to investigate along with several of Ophelia Mardoon's, but they never returned. In early Fessuran 835 PD, he then sent the Mighty Nein to secure the safe house and its contents.[4] On the advice of the Gentleman's guide in Berleben, the party (with Calianna Mordsson in tow) traveled around the edge of the Ounterloch as much as possible to avoid spending too much time in the swamp.[5] They discovered a hole dug through the bottom the safehouse[6] leading to a network of partially submerged tunnels and caverns connected to the Ounterloch and occupied by merrow.[7]


The word "ounter" means "lower" in German.


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