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Othe is the smallest Clovis Concord city-state, having developed from a shamanistic Ki'Nau site that grew into a larger village once settlers from Marquet became aware of the Othemoor's unique plant life.[1]


Othe lies surrounded by bogs, nestled south of a portion of the Cyrios Mountains, and is known as a spiritual center in the Menagerie Coast. The religious practices are a unique blend of animistic Ki'Nau practices and those of the Prime Deities, and many holy guides for visitors exist within the city.[1]

Marquis Mata Laau-afu leads the city and is himself a shaman descended from a family of spiritual leaders. In addition to his role as a holy guide, Mata is known to be a skilled bureaucrat within the Clovis Concord, and a dedicated advocate of his citizens.[1]

Othe is protected by Zhelezo, local volunteers, and druidic guardians of the Othemoor, but despite this there is a Myriad presence. The Myriad hopes to gain cuttings of the herbs and grasses found only in the region but has been yet unsuccessful. Theft or counterfeiting of Othenian herbs is punishable by imprisonment in the local Bogpit Prison.

The city is built on five landmasses within the Othemoor bog, which are connected by bridges, and is roughly crescent-shaped.[3]


The Rudwashes are named for the red clay brick houses in this residential district.

Stark Docks[]

The Stark Docks serve as Othe's port and house the storage houses and boats used by the city's workers.


The Apa-feids are the central portion of the city, housing the marquis's hall and a circle of temples dedicated to the prime pantheon.



Othe has a reputation for being more relaxed but also socially insular. Visitors are expected to make the first forays towards reaching out to the locals.


As of 835 PD, Othe is 64% humans, 16% halflings, 11% half-orcs, and 9% other races.



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