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Othanzia is a country in the far northeast of the continent of Issylra,[1] located northwest of Tal'Dorei across the frigid Ozmit Sea.[2] [3]


Othanzia's capital city is Vasselheim, widely considered the cradle of civilization and the center of several faiths.[4] The city is located on a mountain spire 20 to 30 miles from the coast.[5] Surrounding it is the dark and sprawling Vesper Timberland, which stretches far to the north of Vasselheim before fading into tundra.[6] This is the Thorain Tundra from which a white dragon, Rimefang, hailed.[7]

Two days' ride northwest of Vasselheim, through the Timberland, are ruins and a lake that were frozen over by proximity to Rimefang's lair in 810 PD,[8] and farther along the road is the bitterly cold town of Muldire[9] and the Tordusk Pass. Beyond that are the Zenwick Mountains, with woods at their base.[10]

Several hours' travel to the southwest of Vasselheim is the Marrowglade Loch, a small lake surrounded by swamp. There are ruins of structures that were dedicated to the Raven Queen before the area sank underwater.[11]

Further southwest, two days' ride from Vasselheim, are the steep Sunderpeak Mountains.[12]

Travel by skyship from Emon to Vasselheim usually takes six or seven days.[13]


Due to its high latitude, Othanzia has a significantly colder climate than most parts of Tal'Dorei.[14] Significant snowfall and ice accumulation are part of life in Othanzia, creating harsh living conditions for most humanoids. The citizens of Vasselheim are particularly hardy, which they must be in order to survive.[15]


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