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The Ossended Host is a culture of fishers living in the Shattered Teeth who pursue enlightenment through worshiping dreams and nightmares. They are considered by some as the first inheritors of the archipelago after its formation, and described as protective of their own people and traditions.[1]


The Host is an isolationist society, and they have a strained relationship with the Wanderman Assembly, who were living on the islands by 635 PD. Both groups fear the other seeks their destruction, and around 743 PD it was known that the Captain Urlu Novos was allied with the Wanderman Assembly against the Ossended Host.[2] By 836 PD the tension between both societies had become bloody for some years.[3]

By 843 PD they were the largest presence on the island of Kalutha.[4] Kalutha was the home of the Aishio, a local culture that was part of the Host.[5]


The language of the Ossended Host is Ywan.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

In most of their society, the Ossended Host's architecture and way of life are reminiscent of 10th-century Japanese fishing villages.[7]


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