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Orym is a halfling fighter and member of the Air Ashari who appeared in Exandria Unlimited. He is played by Liam O'Brien.



Official full-body portait of Orym, by Hannah Friederichs.[art 1]

Orym has a short shock of brown hair less than an inch long.[7] He has a full-sleeve tattoo of swirling winds featuring Catha and Ruidus, the moons of Exandria, on his right arm. He wears green armor with a leaf theme.[8]


Orym is generally serious, dutiful and level-headed. He considers himself responsible for “babysitting” his friends' antics, and makes efforts to protect them in combat.[9][10] Orym prefers to leave complicated, dangerous matters in the hands of more experienced figures whom he trusts.[11][12]

Orym is uncomfortable with getting involved in crime or “fucking people over”, believing there’s more to the world than corruption and temptation.[13] Dariax considered him to be the most moral member of their group.[14]



Orym served as a guard when he lived in Zephrah. There, he overheard conversations with Vox Machina.[15]

Exandria Unlimited


Orym alludes to working for a female leader in Zephrah, later revealed to be Keyleth, but it was a long time ago;[16] he also says she had told him about the people of Emon and that she was exactly right about them.[17] He later said he was aware of Keyleth and her possession of a Vestige, and that made him conscious of the danger and unlikelihood of stumbling upon a Vestige himself.[18]

Character information

Notable Items

Halfling Abilities

  • Brave
  • Halfling Nimbleness
  • Lucky
  • Subrace: Lotusden Halfling[presumed]
    • Child of the Wood (Druidcraft cantrip[22] at 1st-level)
    • Timberwalk (ability checks made to track against have disadvantage, and can move across difficult terrain made of nonmagical plants and undergrowth without expending extra movement)

Fighter Abilities

  • Fighting Style: Superior Technique (Bait and Switch)[23]
  • Action Surge (once per rest)


  • "I know that you are wrong. I know that there's more in this world. I know that temptation and corruption and imperfection is rampant in this world, but that's not all there is."[24]
  • "I am not becoming a criminal. I am babysitting."[25]


  • Orym identifies as Neutral Good, although this was a spur of the moment addition from Liam.[26]
  • He is the second member of the Air Ashari played by Liam, following Derrig.
    • Both Orym and Derrig are Fighters.
    • He is the third of Liam's characters to have a connection to Keyleth, following Vax'ildan and Derrig.
  • According to Anjali Bhimani, Orym would be the best character from Exandria Unlimited to have as a roomate because he is "quiet, respectful, honest, accommodating, and [...] doesn’t take up a lot of space" and that "if someone broke in late at night, little murder man would SO be on the case before I even woke up".[27]


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