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| DeathReason = Killed in an explosion
| DeathReason = Killed in an explosion
| DeathEp = {{ep|4x18}}
| DeathEp = {{ep|4x18}}
| Place = [[Westruun]][[File:Westron_Icon.png|thumb]]
| Place = [[File:Westruun_Icon.png|left]] [[Westruun]]
| Family =
| Family =
| Connections =
| Connections =

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Orn "Blackfoot" was a prisoner in the Iron Stocks who was freed by Grog.  As an NPC, Orn was played by Matthew Mercer.

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"In the Belly of the Beast" (1x54) Edit

Orn was freed from his imprisonment by Grog.[1]

"Hope" (1x56) Edit

When Orn tried to steal Vox Machina's treasure left as bait for Umbrasyl, Pike's bomb killed him.[2]

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  2. See "Hope" (1x56).[citation needed]

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