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Mistress Orlana Seshadri (pronounced /ɔrˈlɑːnə səˈʃɑːdri/)[5] is a human woman and a member of a Mahaan house. As an NPC, Orlana Seshadri is played by Matthew Mercer.



Orlana is a human woman in her early 50s, with long dark hair streaked with gray. At the ball in Jrusar where Bells Hells first saw her, she wore her hair braided and fastened with gold and silver rings. She also wore long, dangling earrings, a shawl, and a red and gold gown.[6]




Orlana Seshadri comes from a mid-level Mahaan house, one low enough that Ariks Eshteross didn't expect they would be involved with the Chandei Quorum.[7] Shortly before the start of Campaign Three: Bells Hells, she hired the Green Seekers to investigate various strange goings-on in Jrusar.[8]

"In Too Deep" (3x14)[]

Orym noticed Orlana speaking to Gavis Aranda following Ashton's fight with Ratanish, before Orlana then went to speak to Armand Treshi. Orym kept an eye on her and noticed her making the rounds and having multiple brief conversations. Laudna used Unsettling Presence to get Orlana's attention, and in the ensuing conversation asked Orlana what her relationship was to Armand and to the Chandei Quorum. Orlana told Laudna that Armand was a business connection, and that she herself was only a member of a lower Mahaan house, focused primarily on animal husbandry. Laudna was unable to discern if this was true.

"The Shade Mother" (3x16)[]

After the party helped the Green Seekers capture the mutated Emoth Kade, Gus and Olly told them that their employer was Orlana Seshadri, saying that she had "a longstanding disapproval and a healthy disdain for Mr. Armand Treshi." They had been employed by her about a month, and the threads they had been pursuing seemed to lead in Treshi's direction.[9]

"Promise and Potential" (3x22)[]

Eshteross informed Bells Hells that Orlana had been put in charge of the investigation into the dealings of Armand Treshi.

"Pyrrhic Return" (3x35)[]

Bells Hells brought the captured Armand Treshi to Orlana and received the bounty for his capture. At Lord Eshteross's request, they told her they were working for him and that he considered himself an ally of Orlana. They also told her about Ira Wendagoth's role in recent events in Jrusar and that he had partnered with Otohan Thull and the Cerberus Assembly, but with no proof of the Assembly's involvement she remained dubious.

"The Momentum of Murder" (3x39)[]

The party told Orlana of Ariks Eshteross's murder via Sending, and she suggested meeting. She sent the Green Seekers to escort them to Eshteross's manor, where a Speak with Dead cast on Eshteross confirmed the party's innocence.

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