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Orlan is a large bear sprit in the Feywild. As an NPC, Orlan is played by Matthew Mercer.



Orlan is a gargantuan dire bear-like entity made of crackling, shimmering, and translucent blue energy.[1]




Orlan was a fey spirit who, through the worship of others, was shaped through a long period of time until he took the form that people associated with him: a bear. His cavern was a place of power, and at some point some worked its stone.[2]

Campaign One[]

Trinket meeting Orlan - @BrinMataujall

Fan art of Trinket meeting Orlan, by Thomas Brin.[art 2]

On their way to find Fenthras, Vox Machina stumbled across the territory of Orlan. While Keyleth attempted to defend herself in the form of a giant scorpion, Vex'ahlia called Trinket to her aid. Sensing danger, Trinket immediately attacked Orlan, putting up a good fight but ultimately doing little more than gnawing on the Fey creature and getting knocked around. However, the bear's persistence sways Orlan to reason and, after an impassioned speech by Trinket, the Fey Creature allows them to pass in peace, in addition to granting Trinket (and Vex'ahlia) a boon of his power.


Appearances and mentions[]


  • Orlan: You walk with this one; is she your charge?
    Trinket: She is everything. Her life is mine; you take HER, you take ME! Or we walk on and remember you as a kind soul.
    Orlan: Very well. If you are at her side, I take your charge as well.[3]


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