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Orion Acaba is a voice actor who played the character Tiberius Stormwind in the first campaign of Critical Role. He also played Quaalude Methaqualone in "Critical Trolls for Extra Life" (Sx02).


The original Critical Role campaign was his first time playing a tabletop RPG like Pathfinder or Dungeons & Dragons.

When choosing and creating his character, Orion asked the Dungeon Master, Matthew Mercer, if there were any arcane magic wielders within the group. After some discussion over the different mechanics between a wizard and a sorcerer, Orion chose sorcerer as he liked that class better.

Orion made sure to have a very built up back story for Tiberius before playing, including mannerisms and voice. His character is based off of the Forgotten Realms character Elminster Aumar, whom Orion voiced in the Neverwinter MMO.

Critical Role

Orion describes Tiberius as the false buffoon, where he appears as though he does not know what he's doing, but in a battle, he completely changes.

On October 28th, 2015 at 6:40 PST, it was announced live on the Geek & Sundry Twitch channel that due to a mutual parting of the ways, Orion would no longer appear on Critical Role. Orion later provided his perspective in a video entitled "Chalk Talk: Why I left Critical Role", but the video was eventually removed or made private. In May 2017, Orion explained in greater detail what had been going on during a Twitch stream on his own channel, including his own struggles with illness, and substance abuse.

On July 26th, 2018, Orion began uploading a radio play on his youtube channel featuring his character Tiberius Stormwind. It is focused on Draconian Knights and how he survived the clutches of death by signaling his brother and performing a joint planeshift spell.

Orion's Player Characters

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Tiberius Stormwind


  • When asked if he could be any other character, Orion said he would be Grog.
  • After leaving Critical Role, Orion began telling the rest of Tiberius' story as an audio webseries titled Draconian Knights. This series' storyline exists outside of the Critical Role canon.

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