Oremid Hass is the Archmage of Cultivation for the Cerberus Assembly and the Headmaster of the Zauber Spire at the Hall of Erudition[2]. As an NPC Oremid Hass is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Oremid is described as stocky and squat, about 5'3" but with a wide body. He has very dark ruddy brown skin and eyes that sparkle black like obsidian. He has short, curled black hair and a square jaw.[3][4] There is a strongly inset dimple wrinkle when he smiles with his dull grey teeth. Clouds of dust loosen from his ears when he moves his head. Despite his inhuman appearance there is something very welcoming about him.[5] He wears red and grey robes.[6]

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Oremid Hass is a very welcoming presence. He tries to appear respectable at social gatherings but seems unable to hide his childlike wonder and excitement at things that interest him, such as cats.[7] Pumat Sol described him as a beacon of tutelage, and although he was tough and a bit rough around the edges was in fact a real softie, especially when it came to small critters. Despite this it is clear that Oremid Hass is formidable enough to make Pumat look fearful and regret speaking about Oremid in such a way afterwards.[8]

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"Midnight Espionage" (2x12)Edit

While not directly seen, Oremid Hass was one of the flying figures who pursued the Xhorhasian assassins that attacked the Zauber Spire, shooting bolts of energy at them.[2]

"Harvest Close" (2x17)Edit

Oremid Hass is announced as a spectator at the Victory Pit tournament. He is credited with repelling the Xhorhasian assault on the Zauber Spire.[2]

"Whispers of War" (2x18)Edit

At the afterparty of the Victory Pit, Oremid Hass talked with Trent Ikithon on the balcony. They were approached by Beau and Yasha. He let Trent interrogate Yasha on her ties to Xhorhas, but once he asked if Beau was a member of the Cobalt Soul he politely asked Trent to stop questioning them and apologised, claiming his friend was just very studious.

When Beau confirmed she was indeed a member of the Cobalt Soul, Oremid said that they have done much great work and aided the Hall of Erudition on many occasions. When Beau said the Cobalt Soul felt the same about the Hall of Erudition, Oremid laughed good-naturedly and said despite the tensions between the two organisations in the past he honestly appreciated them.

Beau asked if the Hall of Erudtion would be moving men to the front line like the Cobalt Soul intended to do. Oremid questioned what frontline since the war with Xhorhas hadn't been declared yet, but Beau just smiled in response. Oremid responded they had trained mages who would be at Bladegarden and beyond, if things escalated then a number of the assembly would join where necessary.

As he and Trent exit the party, Oremid spots Frumpkin and is unable to contain his glee and childlike wonder, picking up and petting the cat.[9]

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Trent IkithonEdit

Oremid and Trent are colleagues in the Cerberus Assembly and appear to be on friendly terms. They pursued the Xhorhasian assassins together,[10] attended the Victory Pit together[11] and were drinking and talking on the balcony at the afterparty. Oremid referred to Trent as a friend and apologised for his blunt interrogatory nature by claiming he was just "studious."[12]

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