Ophelia Mardoon is a tiefling member of the Mardoon family in Shadycreek Run. As an NPC, Ophelia Mardoon is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Fan art of Ophelia Mardoon, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Ophelia is a dark grey-skinned tiefling. She has smooth, straight, ankle-length, dark hair that falls behind her. Her horns curve up into two large points behind her head. She has bright yellow, pupil-less eyes and two large canines. When she first met the Mighty Nein, she wore a very formal coat with epaulets, tailored to emphasize her figure.[2]

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Hedonistic, ambitious, and forceful, she does not enjoy being denied and has the skills and connections to ensure that she gets whatever she desires.[3] Ophelia has an air of confidence about her and wields her sexuality like a weapon. Though she can come off as cold, distant, and aloof she offered her sincere condolences to the Mighty Nein after Mollymauk's death and ensured the Gentleman thoroughly compensated the group for their loss.

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Ophelia Mardoon is the most prominent member of the Mardoon family and commands the Estate Sybaritic to the north of Shadycreek Run.[3]

"Converging Fury" (2x27) Edit

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Members of the Mardoon family include Lord Anselm Mardoon, Kriemhilde Mardoon, Demis Mardoom, and Rufus Mardoom.[4]

Ophelia has multiple underlings functioning as guards, wagon-drivers and household-servants. She also seems familiar with the Crownsguard manning the border with the Dwendalian Empire.[5]

The Gentleman is both her business partner and her lover, though she seems less interested in him than he is in her.[6][7]

House Jagentoth, who sponsored the Iron Shepherds, are enemies of House Mardoon.

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"As she descends ... she exudes an air of powerful aggression and presence, and with each step that she takes down there you can sense her immediately reading and seeing through each of you."[8]

Ophelia might be a magic user, as implied by Marisha Ray's question "Can I do an insight check, did it look like she did a spell just then?" A result of 25 on the check makes her smile during and then smirk after hearing what Matt tells her in a whisper.[9]

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The name "Mardun" was previously used by Matt Mercer for a tiefling paladin in a one-shot game run by Matt Colville. He was known as The Ruby Knight and was a servant of the Queen of Fire.

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