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"What makes a hero?" I ask. Is it arms and the will to use them? Is it a certain heritage, a certain disposition? Is it a divine right to victory? I know this to be not true. I have killed many heroes on the battlefield, and I've respected every one. They have many different faces, and deserve remembrance. What makes a hero is their willingness to sacrifice for something they believe in. Anyone can be a hero, once they find something worth dying for.
Sunbreaker Olomon[3]

Sunbreaker Olomon is the minotaur leader of Urzin and a warrior in the Kryn Dynasty army. An early follower of Leylas Kryn, he lived multiple lifetimes through consecution and is considered a paragon within the Dynasty. His current life as a minotaur allows him to fight the Dwendalian Empire on the front lines of battle.

As an NPC, Olomon is played by Matthew Mercer.


Fan art of Sunbreaker Olomon, by Shrugs.[art 2]


In his most recent life, Olomon is a minotaur with jet black fur and large horns that are curved towards the front. He is over seven feet tall. He wears pristine, intricately carved, hand-made silver armor and a dull grey, knee-length cloak that falls past the shoulder mantle.[4][5]


Olomon is described as a cunning individual and an inspiration to soldiers on the battlefield,[1] and his direct questioning of the Mighty Nein in "Feral Business" (2x52) characterizes him as serious and forthright. He also seems prideful, as he appears to take meticulous care of his armor and is openly pleased with his important position in the Dynasty.[6] He is fervently devout as he will eagerly promote the Luxon religion and takes great pride in being nearly an Umavi, a "perfect" soul revered in the Dynasty.[2]



Fan art of Olomon, by Andrew Jensen.[art 3]

Sunbreaker Olomon is one of Leylas Kryn's early followers and is considered a paragon within the Kryn Dynasty.[1][2] He lived multiple lifetimes through consecution and claims in 836 PD that he has achieved "near-Umavi ascension", commemorated by a sister in his Den with the creation of his silver armor.[1][5] Reborn as a minotaur in his most recent life has allowed him to enjoy great ability in battle and allows him to lead the Dynasty's armies from the front lines.[1] He has gone by names other than "Olomon" in previous lives.[7]

Olomon became the most recent champion of Urzin in about 795 PD after defeating its previous champion Lord Buhfal, who ruled for decades, in single combat. As their new leader, Olomon proselytized to the people of Urzin about the Luxon, telling them that if they supported him and the people of the Dynasty, they will be protected from the soldiers of the Dwendalian Empire. This earned their zealous and reverent support, though the people's dedication to his orders sometimes lapses in his absence.[2]

"Feral Business" (2x52)

The Mighty Nein notice Olomon in Asarius, where he is accompanied by ten Kryn soldiers. They discretely followed him for a distance before Olomon noticed and approached them. When he questioned them, Caduceus Clay told him they were independent contractors on a mission. Olomon advised them to see Lady Zethris Olios if they were interested in work as mercenaries.[6] Nott was immediately infatuated with Olomon, calling him "fucking hot" and asking if him there was a "Mrs. Sunbreaker". He responded that there was not.[8]

Character information

Notable Items

  • Hand-made silver armor[5]
  • Greatsword[4]

Appearances and mentions


  • "You're definitely not from around here." (To the Mighty Nein in the streets of Asarius) [9]


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