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This article is about the Green Seeker detective. For Fearne Calloway's father, see Oleander Calloway.

Olly is a gnome detective. She and her partner Gus make up the Green Seekers. As an NPC, Olly is played by Matthew Mercer.


Olly is a short gnome woman. She wears a dark green, trenchcoat-like cloak that identifies her as a member of the Green Seekers. She is described as "intense",[3] and she generally is positioned as the sensible one between herself and her partner.



Olly has been working as a detective alongside her partner Gus for around twenty years as the Green Seekers.[4] They started in Hellcatch Valley but eventually did work all across Marquet, including in Jrusar and Ank'Harel.[5] Shortly before the events of Campaign Three, she and Gus were hired to investigate strange events in Jrusar.[6]

Campaign Three[]

At the masquerade ball held by the Chandei Quorum, Dorian Storm noticed Olly and Gus speaking with the guards and being admitted into the private back hall.[3] Later, Olly and Gus arrested Dorian's brother Cyrus Wyvernwind under suspicion of destroying the Moon Tower in the Core Spire and attempted to escort him out of the ball in shackles. Under the cover provided by a smoke grenade, Dorian was able to cast Charm Person on Gus. Ariks Eshteross snuck up on Olly in the smoke and knocked her to the ground twice to stop her from intervening, allowing Dorian to flee with Cyrus. As the smoke cleared, Olly recognized Gus to be under the effects of a spell and smacked him across the face, knocking him out of Charm Person. They then ran off in search of Cyrus.[7]

The next morning, she and Gus accosted Bells Hells as they left the manor of Ariks Eshteross. They steered the group to a park where, with the help of Gus' spellcasting, they could interview the group about their presence at the ball as two separate groups, at the Moon Tower around the time it collapsed, and at various other events the Green Seekers were investigating. During the conversation, she and Gus admitted that they were blocked from properly searching through the remains of the Moon Tower, but they were able to discover the secret room underneath Vali Dertrana's office. Though both the Green Seekers and Bells Hells were initially suspicious of one another, they established enough of a rapport and agreed to work together.[8] The group proceeded to the Underrush Mines to investigate strange shade creepers and the mutated people associated with them throughout the city. In the depths of the mines, the group encountered a swarm of shade creepers, Emoth Kade, and a massive monstrous creature.[9]

Olly gave Chetney an amber bead, which he used to capture Emoth in the ensuing fight. Their quarry caught, the Green Seekers and Bells Hells escaped the caverns. The Green Seekers then took Emoth back to their employer, who they revealed to be Orlana Seshadri.

Gus and Olly were still in Orlana's employ when Bells Hells discovered the murdered body of Ariks Eshteross. Orlana sent them to escort the party to the investigation at Eshteross's manor, where they were cleared of suspicion.[10]


Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • Pair of rod weapons[11]
  • Light crossbow[12]
  • 3 amber beads[13]


Ranger Spells[]


Appearances and mentions[]


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