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Olesya Lapidus is the current marquis of Port Damali. Her family, who is known for their fleet of privateers, has protected the city for four generations and served as marquis for nearly as long. She is well-respected and celebrated throughout the Clovis Concord, but her focus on fighting the Revelry has given the Myriad opportunity to embed themselves into Port Damali's guilds.

So far, Olesya Lapidus has been mentioned but not appeared on Critical Role.



Olesya is a human trans woman.[1]


Olesya takes pride in her position as marquis of Port Damali, and she is respected and celebrated throughout the rest of the Clovis Concord.[1][2] At the same time, her attention and audience can be purchased, like most other things in the city.[2]

She has been so intensely focused on combating the Revelry, to the point that she has overlooked the growing influence of the Myriad within the city and its guilds until recently.[1][2] She is eager to work with the other marquises and leaders in the Menagerie Coast, works closely with the local guildmasters, and is dedicated to keeping the Concord independent and free from the control of the Dwendalian Empire.[2]


The Lapidus family became prominent within Port Damali after they moved from employing merchants to maintaining a privateer fleet.[2] Their mercenaries protected the local waters and the city's prosperity for four generations, which in turn has ensured the marquis is a member of the Lapidus family for nearly as long.[1]

Olesya was raised as a boy, but she quickly realized she identified as female and transitioned in her youth.[1]

As the marquis of Port Damali, she focused on combating the Revelry. However, with her attention elsewhere, the Myriad proliferated throughout the guilds under her charge and elsewhere in the city, and she has struggled to remove their influence and has found herself surrounded by her enemies on all sides.[2][1] Additionally, after the marid powering the city's steam engines was freed in 835 PD, forcing druids and mages to power them instead, she is searching for an alternative energy source or a replacement for the system.[2]

She is mentioned in "A Storm of Memories" (2x46) as having called many of the Concordian warships to the southern Menagerie Coast in response to increasingly aggressive attacks on the Dwendalian Empire in the War of Ash and Light. However, the Concord felt little incentive to defend the Empire and was simply moving into position to defend their own shores and borders.[3]


  • The second chapter of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount states Olesya to be the fourth leader of Port Damali,[1] but the fourth chapter states her to be the fifth person in her family to lead the city.[2] It is also stated that the Lapidus family came to prominence "over a century ago";[2] however, the Concord was founded about 400 years ago, and Port Damali founded nearly thirty years earlier than that.[4]


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