Old Edith is as her name implies, an old woman who lives in the village of Felderwin. As an NPC, Old Edith is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Edith is an elderly woman with long gray hair that is a bit wiry and unkempt at the edges. Her wrinkles scrunch her face into an almost perpetual smile.

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Old Edith is a kind and welcoming woman who is more than willing to look after Luc after the loss of his home.

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Old Edith had a husband who passed away seven years prior. She is also a long time friend of the Brenatto family.

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She is currently the guardian of Luc Brenatto as Yeza sent him to her house for safety just before he was kidnapped by Xhorhasian forces.[1]

Nott arranged for Edith to take Luc to Alfield, where they would be safe under the care of Bryce Feelid.

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