Ogden Trickfoot is a gnome from the Trickfoot family and the uncle of Pike Trickfoot. As an NPC, Ogden is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Ogden is an old gnome with wild mangy salt-and-pepper hair. His face is mostly obscured by his large beard, with his spectacles and dark brown beady eyes barely visible above. He walks with a wooden cane, which Vex believed he really needed.

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Pretending to be partially deaf, Ogden often acts as if he does not hear what others are saying. He later revealed to Vox Machina that he was deceiving them,[1] showing himself to be untrustworthy and unappreciative of Pike's gift of money and truly living up to the Trickfoot name.

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He has travelled the roads for most his life, never settling in a particular place.

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"He's a stupid boy, a stupid stupid boy..." - Ogden speaking of his son, Johann

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  1. See "Family Matters" (1x96).[citation needed]


  1. Fan art of Ogden Trickfoot, by BlackSalander (source).  Used with permission.

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