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Odessloe is a fishing and logging settlement on the shores of the Erdeloch, and a common supply stop for those traveling from the Dwendalian Empire into the Pearlbow Wilderness, or from Bysaes Tyl to Rexxentrum.[2]


Odessloe supplies Rexxentrum and other locations in Zemni Fields with lumber and fish. It is a significant stop on the Cloakjaunt Path, and as such many traders and other travelers pass through. Its strategic place on both the roads and the rivers make it a convenient low-profile hub for Myriad smuggling activity and storage in the northern Empire.[2]

Odessloe sits on the eastern shore of the lake, and is roughly kidney-shaped. It has three main districts.[1]


The Lakeside region is a muddy district directly adjacent to the river, and includes the docks and storage houses for fishing and transportation by boat, as well as some housing.


The Greenset region is on the opposite side of the city, cleaner and closer to the forests, and houses the logging camps and the majority of housing for the citizens of Odessloe.


The Crossmark region serves as the city center, at the intersection of the largest streets, Cederline Street and Hogmarshal Road. Inns and the food market can be found here.


The people of Odessloe take pride in the fish and lumber they provide to other parts of the empire. They are also quite superstitious about the Erdeloch, and believe that within it there is a spirit to be appeased. They frequently leave offerings along the shores in an attempt to please this being. This behavior is frowned upon by Empire officials, including the current Starosta, who see it as a potential violation of the Empire's laws regarding religious worship.[2]


Starosta Wothassic took the position in 834 PD, following the passing of the prior starosta, Ruell, who was popular within the city. In order to distinguish himself and gain favor with the Crown, Wothassic has set resource yield quotas and imposed penalties for those who are lacking. This is highly unpopular with the citizenry, and the noble families with investments tied to the industries of Odessloe are working with Watchmaster Lein Untgaf and his Crownsguard to prevent the dissatisfaction from sparking outright rebellion.[2]


In 835 PD, Odessloe had a population of 6,970. 73% were humans, 12% elves, 8% dwarves, and 7% from other races.[2]

Notable People[]

Name Type Description
Starosta Vesdan Wothasic NPC Current Starosta[2]
Watchmaster Lein Untgaf NPC Oversees the Crownsguard[2]


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