Obann is a mysterious fiend with ties to Yasha's forgotten past. As an NPC, Obann is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Obann - Mateusz Wilma

Fan art of Obann, by MateuszWilma.[art 2]

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Obann is a red-skinned fiend with horns, yellow eyes, a tail, and leathery wings.[3] In his appearance at the Overcrow Apothecary in Rosohna, he was disguised as a drow wearing a long tattered black cloak pulled around a set of gray leather armor, his features obscured with a hood and a facewrap of blue cloth.[4]

Personality Edit

Obann seems to regard the Mighty Nein with amusement, despite the threat they pose, as evident in his voice before charming Nott, and his reactions to Jester's attempted deception and singing. He seemingly has no qualms with leaving his associates behind to die.

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Background Edit

The Cobalt Soul in Zadash holds a single tome mentioning 'Obann'. It says that he once served Graz'zt, the Dark Prince of the Argent Palace within the Abyssal domain of Azzatar, as his Master of Wills. He was shamed and destroyed after a terrible failure to his lord.[5]

"A Storm of Memories" (2x46) Edit

Obann appeared in Yasha's vision on the Ball-Eater during a storm. She sees a muddied field of burning huts, corpses lying at her feet, her blade bloodied. A figure turns to her, eyes aglow with yellow, their deep red skin and hooked horns peeking from beneath their folded wings. Their smile curls open. "Your anger is beautiful to behold, Orphan Maker."[3]

"A Turtle By Any Other Name" (2x60) Edit

During Yasha's dream-vision in the Braan, she sees dozens and dozens of bodies tumbled before her, and turns to see a familiar male figure, curved horns back from the front, his wings folded over his shoulders, with a sly grin and yellow eyes. He just looks and walks away, shaking his head. The figure is familiar to her, but she doesn't know why or where, and causes something in her heart to freeze and fear to well in her throat.[6]

"Intervention" (2x63) Edit

Obann entered the Overcrow Apothecary along with a hobgoblin guard and was given a crest by a Dragonborn messenger. As the fight broke out, he charmed Nott and used Dimension Door to escape.

Jester casts Sending using a fake voice, telling Obann "Eyes are on you. You've left the rendezvous. What happened to the mission?" He replies, "I know you. But I appreciate your attempt at deception. If you are intent on following, come north. Bring her."[7]

"Chases and Trees" (2x65) Edit

Jester managed to scry on Obann walking along the base of the Penumbra Range Mountains, searching for something using the crest.

"Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66) Edit

After their arrival in Bazzoxan, Jester casts sending on Obann again, saying, "The Orphanmaker has arrived. Where can we find you?" and filling out the rest of the message with vocalizing. Obann says "Expedient and trustworthy. I am impressed. And a performer. Come five, six miles west of the village. Look for the hidden entrance. I'm waiting."[8]

"Beyond the Eyes of Angels" (2x67) Edit

Before their long rest by the bridge, Jester sends, "This place is really scary. We have her. How far is it? What is this place? Did you know there were gold hearts? Okay, anyway, bye." Obann replies, "Oh, yes. I've made my way as well. I'm glad you've kept up. Hope to see you soon. Just be careful. Wouldn't want you spoiled."[9]

"The King's Cage" (2x69) Edit

Obann confronts the Mighty Nein in an underground chamber in the Penumbra Mountains, where he shows his true form[10] and reveals some of what he knows about Yasha.[11] He tells the Mighty Nein Yasha was traveling with him following the commands of "The Angel of Irons". He has come to this temple to release one of the children of the Angel of Irons. He begins reading from a stone tablet so the Mighty Nein attack. After a huge fight, he is eventually defeated and with his dying breath tells Yasha to avenge him.[12]

"Causatum" (2x70) Edit

While Scrying, Jester sees Yasha perform a ritual that apparently brings Obann back to life. He touches her shoulder and says, "Very good. Thank you for your patience. Now this has been one fine reunion. Let's go see if we can find the others."

"A Tangled Web" (2x77) Edit

Jester scries on Yasha once more and sees Yasha, along with Obann and The Laughing Hand attacking the Cobalt Archive in Zadash, searching for information about a creature named Jourrael.

"Between the Lines" (2x78) Edit

The Mighty Nein's research in Zadash inform them that Jourrael was an assassin of Lolth whose body was divided up. While Scrying, Jester sees Obann, The Laughing Hand and Yasha on the outskirts of the Lotusden Greenwood. Yasha is cutting down trees and Obann seems frustrated and unsure of what to do.

"Through the Trees" (2x79) Edit

Relationships Edit

Yasha Nydoorin Edit

Obann has a connection to Yasha's past, recognizing her on sight and addressing her as "Orphan Maker", which is her tribal name and not widely known. Yasha does not recognize him in return. Later, he is revealed to have been the fiend haunting Yasha's dreams, and the one who recruited her into the followers of the Angel of Irons during the time in her life she had forgotten. In his dying moments, Obann tells Yasha to "avenge him" and she falls under some form of magical influence which dictate her actions and return her forgotten memories. She becomes trapped within her mind, aware of what she is doing, but unable to control her body.[13]

Character Information Edit

Abilities Edit

Obann is a spellcaster.

1st-level Edit
4th-level Edit
  • Dimension Door[15]
5th-level Edit
  • Dominate Person

Notable Items Edit

Abyssal Longsword

Quotations Edit

  • Matt: (describing Obann's revealing his true form in the temple in the Penumbra Range) "You watch as his form begins to slightly shift. The drow dropping away- leaving behind red skin, yellow eyes, horns that curl up across the head, and a pair of red leathery wings that lie folded across the back."[17]

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