Nutmeg Gingersnap is a Christmas elf wizard played by Ashley Johnson for "The Night Before Critmas" (Sx41).

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Rounding out the workforce is the previously long-absent Christmas elf, Nutmeg Gingersnap. Not many at the Pole even remembered Nutmeg much. She's been off living in New York City, working as an emissary to the offices at Macy's and doing a little bit of intelligence work for Santa. Keeping a bead on the ever-involving taste in toys. American kids especially can be pretty fickle. Unfortunately, Nut's cover was compromised, and Santa had her pulled from the department store and whisked back to the Pole. The Big Apple had changed Nutmeg, though, and it's been a hard marshmallow to swallow for her workshop companions this week.

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Nutmeg speaks with New York accent. She says Macy's is too big, there is too much going on and that there is too much Christmas there. In Macy's, Nutmeg's job was packing gifts, but eventually she was only allowed to place the ribbons as she had an issue with cellar tape.

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"The Night Before Critmas" (Sx41) Edit

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Wizard Abilities Edit

  • Arcane Recovery
  • Arcane Tradition
  • Ritual Casting
  • Spellcasting (Intelligence-based ability)

Wizard Spells Edit

Cantrips Edit
  • Fire Bolt
1st-level Edit
  • Chromatic Orb[2]
  • Mage Armor[3]
  • Invisibility[4]
  • Dimension Door[6]

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References Edit

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