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This wiki contains spoilers for all stories of Critical Role. This includes the story for unaired episodes of The Legend of Vox Machina, as it's based on the first campaign of Critical Role from 2015-2017.


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"November 2015 Critmas" (Sx04) is the fourth of the special episodes of Critical Role. It was originally part of "Gunpowder Plot" (1x31), but was split into its own video by Geek & Sundry due to technical difficulties.


The cast of Critical Role receives and opens a number of presents on-screen.

  • Characters themed pillows for the cast
  • A donation to The World Wildlife Fund in Laura's name
  • The Grizzly bear adopted in Laura's name
  • Bags of dice for the cast
  • Vox Machina stickers and tattoos in Elvish
  • A cowbell for Scanlan by David0011
  • High quality Hero Forge Vox Machina miniatures and Matt Mercer miniature
  • Science swag from rocketry club in West Virginia university
  • Dice bags with character prints from Franklin Smith
  • Watercolor fan art of Vox Machina from Marcus Gabriel Forest

From Scott Burger

  • A mini monocular for Laura (so she can see the map without her glasses)
  • A Trinket flask, and a wooden mini-chest with chocolate gold, for Travis
  • A pipe and mustache wax for Sam
  • A dagger for Liam
  • Nice journals for Marisha
  • A glowing pendant for Ashley
  • A pocket watch for Taliesin

  • Bottle openers in form of battle axes from Sal
  • GUEST: shield with Vox Machina initials engraved on it, a gift from Wayne, a traveling blacksmith. Later would be hanged behind Matt.
  • A dice ball plushie from Samantha Becker
  • Dice for Taliesin
  • Cool color changing wood dice for Marisha from Mike
  • A dice bag made of blue dragon scales for Laura
  • Dice for Travis
  • A Bigby's Hand T-shirt for Sam
  • Letters from Vax' and Vex' mother, and a thimble because she's a seamstress
  • A Grog T-shirt for Travis. It uses the design of "I am Vex/I am Vax" T-shirt, but this one points on the right saying "I am Grog/I am Grog
  • From Steave and Megan: a wooden map of Taldorei in the style of Lord of the Rings; a textile map of star constellations, plus a reference book, for Taliesin; keychains; and fart for everyone
  • "Trinket as a kitten" plushie from John
  • Necklaces from Matt
  • Purple Trinket-related T-shirts for Laura and Marisha from Andrew Gregory
  • A wooden stake for Taliesin from @Cryptobaffling
  • A very nice drawing for Laura (Titan's Grave related)
  • A half-orc barbarian miniature for Travis
  • GUEST: blacksmith Gil brings a Ban Hammer for Overlord Zac, and cloac brooches for the rest
  • A drawing for Marisha from Gil's wife
  • Two cute fan art paintings from @OnnaAdele
  • Autographed comics written by djstrong
  • Halloween fan art from @bwhcomics
  • GUEST: CC Mason appears in cosplay as Cassandra, with framed photos for Taliesin
  • From Emily Barnes: fake mustaches and a dice tray with a lute for Sam; a pilot's hat (Titan's Grave related) and a dice tray with Trinket doing archery for Laura; a dice tray with a series of dice clustered titled "So..." art for Matt; a dice tray with axe art for Travis; a dice tray with art of Keyleth's staff for Marisha; and a dice tray with the Pepperbox for Taliesin
  • Stickers with the mark of rebellion, Lemony Trinkets for Laura, and a notebook for Taliesin from Alice Morrison
  • From Tary: a pin that says "Dagger dagger dagger" for Liam; Sarenrae pin for Ashley; two Burt Reynolds pins for Sam; a pepperbox pin for Taliesin; and a necklace wit hmagic circle for Marisha
  • A Trinket pin for Laura
  • A Troy Aikman signed Dallas Cowboys mini helmet for Travis, and a dragon cake mould, a D20 mug, and a D20 chips bowl
  • Necklaces with Campaign one characters on them from @aliceinarpeggio
  • Investing magazines for Vex treasurer of Greyskull Keep
  • A scarf with De Rolo's family crest and rebellion mark for Taliesin and freshly baked cookies for everyone
  • Dice bags for Wil Wheaton, Matt, Marisha, and Liam from Tim
  • Individualised art projects for everyone from Niki
  • Dice with all 20's and all 1's for Liam and Marisha from Tanya
  • GILMORE'S ROBE for Matt
  • D20 coffee cosies from Vanessa Farmer
  • A giant beard for Grog, as an apology for the previous gift — a participation medal in the first fight with Kern from David Patterson
  • A smudge dish to burn a sage after Wil Wheaton visits; a pendant; and a box belonging to Keyleth's mom from Lucy Drake
  • Mini cowbells for everyone for Rony
  • An actual Hail of Thorns arrow for Laura, made from rose thorns
  • A huge tower mug for Travis; a solid steel D20 for Matt; and a D3 die, which doubles as a rock-paper-scissor die, for Laura from Scott Tomkins
  • A spray painting of Vex for Laura from Katelyn Emery
  • First issues of the Chronicles of the Tal Nor, a fan's comic book
  • A TINKERER'S KIT with the De Rolo family crest for Taliesin from Paul
  • Keyleth's druid staff for Marisha from Mike
  • An engraved box for Taliesin
  • Fan art for Taliesin from Ben
  • Pillows with cast's characters and the GM.
  • A box of mead
  • A bottle of Diplomatico from Steven Doogan
  • From Scott Tomkins: Burning Man mementos for Matt; a really nice bourbon; the entire 2nd edition Encyclopedia Magica set (D&D) for Matt; a set of metal cups
  • An album of original music, called Songs for Heros, featuring 11 tracks from Michael
  • Critmas cookies from @AmandaCornflake
  • A Bag of Holding, and a glow-in-the-dark D20 from Jason Reynolds
  • A Diplomacy Glove for Taliesin from Oriela
  • Foam squishable dice sets for everyone, and Smarties
  • A coloring book and a Halloween pumpkin
  • Gilmore's Glorious Goodie-box
  • A pink glittery pumpkin for Marisha
  • Fan art of Keyleth for Marisha from Shauna
  • A story for Matt from Drake
  • Giant Trinket from Brian Anderson

Laura hugging giant Trinket