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Nothics are one-eyed creatures drawn to places with arcane knowledge.[1]


Nothics are humanoid in shape, with blotchy gray skin, backs covered in spikes, and clawed hands and feet. They often collect magical items.[3] Nothics have one large yellow eye in the middle of their head, no nose, and many teeth.[4]

In D&D lore, nothics are former wizards who, after spending their lives trying to delve into arcane secrets, were cursed by Vecna. They seek out places where arcane magic is learned or practiced.[1]


"The Climb Within" (1x110)[]

While scouting ahead as Vox Machina made their way through the Crypts of Thomara, Vax'ildan saw a lone nothic eating what appeared to be the limb of an animal or person. Vax killed it with a single attack.[5] When he looted the body, he found some bones, half of a book in a language he didn't recognize, a dagger, a spyglass, and a bronze key.[6]


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