Norda is a female dwarven lawmaster serving with the Crownsguard. As lawmaster, she is in charge of governing the town of Trostenwald.

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Lawmaster Norda is a tough-looking dwarven woman in her middle years. She stands at a height of four and a half feet tall. She has black hair streaked with silver that tumbles past her red and grey leather armor.[1] When overseeing trials, she dons a special ceremonial armor.[2]

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Norda had her own office within Trostenwald's Crownsguard stockade and was responsible for overseeing the safety of the city. As part of her role as lawmaster, Norda approved the setup and location of The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities on the outskirts of Trostenwald.

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Norda headed the investigation of and presided over the subsequent trial concerning the Carnival of Curiosities' zombie incident. During the trial, she judged that the party was free to go, put the blame of the killings on Kylre's head, and sentenced Gustav Fletching to stay within the town to work off and pay for the time, damage, deaths, and general costs incurred during the course of the events to the sum of 2,645 gold pieces.

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  • Archivist Zeenoth: It is not known if Zeenoth is her friend, but she certainly has a cordial professional relationship with him.[3]

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