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Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments are a set of pigments, or paint, found inside a fine wooden box also containing a paintbrush. They allow the user to create three-dimensional objects or terrain features by painting them in two dimensions.


The box contains 1d4 pots filled with paint. Each pot of paint is sufficient to cover 1,000 square feet of a surface. The set used by Jester Lavorre contains only one pot.

The paint permits the creation of inanimate objects or terrain features--such as a door, a pit, flowers, trees, cells, rooms, or weapons-- that are up to 10,000 cubic feet. It takes 10 minutes to cover 100 square feet. When painting is completed, the object or terrain feature depicted becomes a real, nonmagical object. Thus, painting a door on a wall creates an actual door that can be opened to whatever is beyond. Painting a pit on a floor creates a real pit, and its depth counts against the total area of objects created. Painting a form of energy, such as fire or lightning, makes the energy appear but dissipates as soon as the painting is completed, doing no harm to anything.

Nothing created by the pigments can have a value greater than 25 gp. Painting an object of greater value (such as a diamond or a pile of gold), creates an object that looks authentic, but close inspection reveals it is made from paste, bone, or some other worthless material.


"A Pirate's Life for Me" (2x41) As the Mighty Nein were sailing with Avantika towards Darktow Isle, they encountered a Clovis Concord ship. During a search of the captain's quarters, Beauregard Lionett found a note about a guarded package on board. The party eventually recovered the package by bribing the guard in charge of delivering it. Nott was able to disarm and pick the locks on the box, revealing a pot of paint and a paintbrush. The guard was angry to find out he was carrying something so trivial. He had no idea who contracted him to deliver the package, only revealing that he did mercenary work out of Port Damali.[1]

I'm going to paint on the floor the teeniest of dicks.
Jester using the Marvelous Pigments for the first time

Back on their own ship, they hid the box from Avantika. Caleb Widogast then Identified the paint as Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments. The box was then given to Jester due to her artistic talent, and she immediately tested out the paint by creating a small stone dick statue.[2] Later, Jester suggested to the Traveler that she might use the paint to create many statues of him, and he suggested she place them where they would be the least expected, and the creepiest to find.[3]

As of 836 PD or shortly thereafter, the Allegiance of Allsight's Emerald Ibis Relic Hall has a vault in which a set of Nolzur's marvelous pigments can be found.[4]

Jester's Creations[]

Note: When the amount of expended paint wasn't specified, it was estimated as one square foot.

Creations Expended Paint Remaining Paint
Tiny stone dick statue[5] Unknown 999 sq. ft.
Small green statue of the Traveler[6] Unknown 998 sq. ft.
Hole in the floor of Avantika's quarters[7] 2 sq. ft. 996 sq. ft.
Plank of wood[8] 2 sq. ft. 994 sq. ft.
Pirate Hat for Twiggy[9] Unknown 993 sq. ft.
Shrine of the Traveler[10] Unknown 992 sq. ft.
Statue of the Traveler for Covak[11] Unknown 991 sq. ft.
Hole in the lock of the box found in Bodo Icozrin's office[12] Unknown 990 sq. ft.
Dog bed for Nugget in the Xhorhaus[13] Unknown 989 sq. ft.
Ball peen hammer[14] Unknown 988 sq. ft.
White dragon scale for Reani[15] Unknown 987 sq. ft.
Hole in the roof of the Tumblecarve residence[16] 2 sq. ft.[17] 985 sq. ft.
Rust on the hinges of a door[18] Unknown 984 sq. ft.
Little statue of The Traveler for Thadeus Candleglow[19] Unknown 983 sq. ft.
Banana for Nott[20] Unknown 982 sq. ft.
Holes in the bars of Yussa's cell[21] Unknown 981 sq. ft.
Peephole in the cathedral wall[22] Unknown 980 sq. ft.
Crawl space in the cathedral wall[23] 4 sq. ft. 976 sq. ft.
Googly eyes on pig corpses[24] Unknown 975 sq. ft.
Glass ruby[25] Unknown 974 sq. ft.
Parasol for Essek[26] Unknown 973 sq. ft.
Traveler necklaces for Nott and Beau[27] Unknown 972 sq. ft.
Decoy Fjord head[28] 2 sq. ft. 970 sq. ft.
Tunnel by the Heaven Falls[29] 10 sq. ft. 960 sq. ft.
High Priestess Robes[30] 8 sq. ft. 952 sq. ft.
A little hole in the laboratory door[31] Unknown 952 sq. ft.
Napolean-style hat[32] Unknown 951 sq. ft.
A door[33] Unknown, estimate 10 sq. ft. 941 sq. ft.
A replica of Mollymauk's original clothing[34] Unknown, estimate 10 sq. ft. 931 sq. ft.
Coat for Kingsley Tealeaf[35] Unknown, estimate 5 sq. ft. 926 sq. ft.
Parasol for Essek[36] Unknown, estimate 5 sq. ft. 921 sq. ft.
Rose-printed gardening gloves for Essek[37] Unknown, estimate 1 sq. ft. 920 sq. ft.



Laura's sketch of the Traveler statue on Nott's necklace[38]

  • Since Matt hasn't pointed out the amount of square feet of paint expended for most of Jester's uses of the Marvelous Pigments, it is unknown if Laura is accurately keeping track of the remaining paint.
  • The statues of the Traveler that Jester makes are dick-shaped, and inside his robes is an engraved archway with a path leading inside.


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