Nogvurot is a city on the northern end Dwendalian Empire[1], southwest of Quannah Breach[2], and east of Rexxentrum.[3]

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Name Type Description
Members of The Stubborn Stock NPC They participated in the Victory Pit in Zadash.[4]
Tyffial Wase NPC bodyguard (former acquaintance of Nonagon)[5]

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In 835 PD, the city was plagued by several abductions, with families and children going missing. This news spreading through the empire, enough that townsfolk in Zadash were told by town criers to seal their windows and doors while they slept.

Xhorhasians were the presumed culprits in these instances.[6] In light of recent events, other explanations (such as the activities of the Iron Shepherds) seem more plausible.

As The Stubborn Stock was stationed in Nogvurot, they were twice called upon to investigate the kidnappings. In his conversation with The Mighty Nein during the Harvest Close Festival, Darrow revealed that the group had discovered the individuals were stolen in a particular way. He stopped himself before revealing any other details.[4][7]


The city is possibly named after the Russian city of Novgorod

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