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Niirdal-Poc is a hidden city in the Rifenmist Jungle that was old when the Calamity hit.[2] It was the central city of the Qoniira Tetrarchy.[3]


The fortress that the Crown Keepers visited has simple, curved architecture of smooth gray-green stone,[4] with massive vertical slits in the exterior wall.[5] Almost every home has terraced gardens.[6]

The central plaza of the city holds a large statue of a feline humanoid with four outstretched wings, the Observer, and formerly also held two statues of three-headed panther-like creatures.[7]


As of 843 PD, the city was populated with humans, half-elves, hobgoblins, goblins, pachydans, and people with faces like cats (presumably tabaxi, which are indigenous to the Rifenmist Jungle, but potentially katari as well) and like birds (presumably aarakocra, eisfuura, and/or kenku).[8] There was also a sizable genasi population.[9] Their clothing was simply cut and rough.[10]

The city is rarely visited by outsiders. It is known only to those whom the city wants to know of it.[11] As of 836 PD, cartographer Tyriok Gadsworth was aware of all the cities of the Tetrarchy and included them on a map requested by Seeker Odessa Tal'Dorei.[12] The cities were not included on his map from 812 PD.[13]


Hakredic Dome, Niirdal-Poc - Victor Long

Fan art of the Hakredic Dome in Niirdal-Poc, by Victor Long.[art 2]

The city is ruled by elected tetrarchs,[14] who gather daily in the Hakredic Dome to discuss any pending issues and work to keep their people content.[15]


The city was founded long before the Calamity as the capital of the Qoniira Tetrarchy, which originally comprised five cities; each of the four peripheral cities was ruled by a tetrarch, who would meet together in the capital to make group decisions. With the passage of time the other four cities have disappeared, and all four tetrarchs now reside in Niirdal-Poc.[16]


  • According to Aabria Iyengar, if the Age of Arcanum was the Roman Empire at its height, the Qoniira Tetrarchy would be ancient Egypt: "older than old, been bad for a long time". She added they were "very into pocket dimensions".[17][18][19]
  • Aabria also stated that she hoped that Wrayne, an Avalir scientist and Cerrit Agrupnin's wife, was doing research with the Tetrarchy when the Calamity started, since their family stayed together in Gwessar and they would have been safer there (knowing that Niirdal-Poc at the very least survived).[20] Moreover, given that Wrayne and Cerrit's daughter, Maya, had Patia Por'co's orb (full with all the knowledge of Avalir), they would have been very appreciated in that culture, who valued magic and arcane knowledge regardless of origin.
    • A birdfolk population resided in Niirdal-Poc in 843 PD.[21]



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