Mighty Nein arriving in Nicodranas by oliviahintz

Fan art of Mighty Nein arriving at Nicodranas, by oliviahintz.[art 1]

Nicodranas is a port city on the Menagerie Coast. It is the hometown of Jester Lavorre.

City DescriptionEdit

Nicodranas is the the easternmost port city in the Menagerie Coast.[1] Along with Port Damali it bookends the Menagerie Coast, although Nicodranas is approximately half the size of Port Damali.[1]

BlackSalander Mother's Lighthouse

Fan art of Mother's Lighthouse, by BlackSalander.[art 2]

Restless Wharf DistrictEdit

  • The Wayfarer's Cove:

Open Quay DistrictEdit

The Open Quay district is located on the western side of the Restless Wharf. A little bit smaller. Seems to be less organized. Cheaper, more affordable residential area of town.[1]

  • The Withered Bird Inn: Popular inn amongst the sailors that come through Nicodranas.
  • Tidepeak: Tower of Yussah Errenis, a mage who is (possibly) at odds with the Clovis Concord. Lying in the the centre of the Open Quay, it is a singular massive tower that looms over the entire district. It is made of dark- and light-flecked emerald stone. It sticks out, and there are no buildings up against it. It is dotted with balconies, and comes to a sharpened point on the roof. As one walked away from the tower, it seemed to unnaturally shrink into the skyline.[1]

Opal Archways DistrictEdit

Port of Nicodranas by Austin Burris

Fan art of Port of Nicodranas, by Austin Burris.[art 3]

The Opal Archways district of Nicodranas is the oldest district of the town. It is where the wealthier merchants and clientele seem to congregate. Nicodranas originally comprised of only this district before it expanded outwards over time.[1]



Notable PeopleEdit

Name Type Description
Blude NPC Bodyguard of Marion Lavorre.
Gladys NPC Lightkeeper Gladys. The elderly keeper of the Mother's Lighthouse.
Ruby of the Sea NPC Marian Lavorre. A famed courtesan and mother of Jester Lavorre.
Yussah Errenis NPC A mage who owns the Tidepeak in the centre of the Open Quay.
IgnusNPC Dwarfen Wharfmaster of the Open Quay. [clarify]


  • The Bear Claws found in Nicodranas differ to those found in Zadash, because they were loaded up with cinnamon[3].

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