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New Haxon and southern Blightshore

New Haxon and nearby features of southern Blightshore.[art 2]

New Haxon is an outpost of the Dwendalian Empire on Blightshore, garrisoned by Cerberus Assembly agents.


Run and defended by an alliance of the Cerberus Assembly and mercenaries from former Draconia, New Haxon is the only Dwendalian outpost along Blightshore and the starting point for Empire expeditions in that region. It is also a base of operations for mercenary guilds in the area, and is home to a number of cults of the Betrayer Gods. It contains the ruins of Old Haxon, a pre-Calamity city that once sat on the same site, mixed with new structures.[1]



As of 835 PD, the population of New Haxon was 70% human, 20% dragonborn (many survivors of the destruction of Draconia), and 10% other races.[1]

Notable People[]


While it is unknown how Old Haxon was destroyed, it is rumored that it once housed vaults belonging to Vecna. These vaults are said to contain many relics of the Age of Arcanum, and it is speculated that this may be the Cerberus Assembly's true interest in the site and its history.[1]



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