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The Neverfields are a stretch of tundra at the northern reaches of Tal'Dorei.


Past the tall peaks of the northern end of the Cliffkeep Mountains, the Neverfields are a field of glacial ice surrounded by endless blizzards. Few societies exist this far north,[1] save for the frost giant fortress of Jotunborg and the nomadic frost giant clans that swear fealty to High King Jorskymmar.[2]


It's rumored that the Neverfields were once a temperate region home to trees and elven colonies, and that this society is now buried beneath the ice. Few that venture to the north return, but those that do sometimes bear powerful artifacts from an ancient time.[1]

Before Lady Kima of Vord delved the Underdark beneath Kraghammer seeking to defeat an evil she saw in a vision, she was taking a year-long pilgrimage for her growth as a paladin which brought her to the tundra north of the Cliffkeep Mountains. This tundra was presumably the Neverfields.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The Neverfields were left deliberately vague in Critical Role: Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting, allowing Dungeon Masters to take advantage of the mystery of the realm.[4]



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