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Neminar Drassig (pronounced druh-SIG')[1] was a human necromancer and the king of the Kingdom of Drassig. Neminar Drassig has not been mentioned in Critical Role.



Neminar had one arm that was withered as a result of his experiments with necromancy.[2]



After his father's assassination at the Torthil village, Neminar took power. He diverged from Warren's brutal ways, instead turning to necromancy to gain an advantage in the ongoing Scattered War. He gained the name of "Neminar the Black Fingered", after one of his arms was rendered useless by his use of necromancy. [2]

Neminar led his army back to Torthil and slaughtered every human and elf he considered a traitor, then burned the bodies and the town. His war machine was more destructive than his father's. He enhanced his soldiers with dark magic, twisting them them into mindless beasts focused only on conquest and violence. These forces were blessed by The Strife Emperor, making them an even more deadly threat. [2]

Neminar's savage conquest continued until Zan Tal'dorei, a human who rallied the broken resistance, lured Neminar into the Verdant Expanse. Neminar, thinking he was attacking elven outpost named the Shifting Keep, was tricked by the Feywild illusion magics of the forest. This exposed his vanguard for ambush, at which point Zan's warriors struck and killed not only Neminar, but much of his army. This represented a significant turning of the tides in a long and brutal war, though not the end, and reignited hope among the population.[3]

Neminar was succeeded by his younger brother Trist.[4]