The Nein Heroez is the ship that the Mighty Nein commandeered after the destruction of the Ball-Eater by a dragon turtle. It was called the Eden's Horizon until, on Veth's recommendation, the letters were rearranged into its new name.[1]


The Nein Heroez is massive, much larger than the party's former ship, the Ball-Eater. There are a couple of ballistae set up inside the gun deck, seemingly dating the ship to the pre-cannon era.[2] When the Mighty Nein found it, it was in very good shape with only minor damage to the sides of the hull.[3]




The Eden's Horizon probably once belonged to a major shipping company out of Port Damali, and had defenses added because it was carrying expensive goods.[4] Fjord estimated, based on the older ballista it carried, that it was in the neighborhood of sixty to one hundred years old.[5] It was built before cannons were developed.[6]

"The Ruined Sliver" (2x104)

While exploring the Heaven Falls, the party discovered a large, partially underwater cavern hidden behind the waterspout. Within it were multiple ships that had apparently been sailed in, prepared for storage, and abandoned by their crews who had presumably joined the Vo village. The largest of these ships was the Eden's Horizon, and the party immediately began thinking of it as a potential replacement for the destroyed Ball-Eater. Veth noticed that the letters of its name could be rearranged into the name Nein Heroez.

"Rumble at Rumblecusp" (2x105)

The night before their fight with Vokodo, the Mighty Nein camped on the deck of the Eden's Horizon and Jester prepared a Heroes' Feast there picnic-style.

"A Fog Lifted" (2x106)

The Eden's Horizon survived the ships' fires started by the explosions set off by the party in an effort to draw Vokodo from his lair. When the party contacted Orly Skiffback and told him to take the crew to the location of the cache of ships, they specifically told him to prepare that ship.

"Traveler Con" (2x108)

The party was able to successfully use multiple casts of Control Water to allow the Eden's Horizon, along with the remaining smaller ships, to sail out of the hidden cavern. The smaller ships were left for the villagers, and Orly and the crew, with supplies from the island, started the voyage back to the Menagerie Coast. The ship was officially renamed when Jester painted out the old name, replacing it with Nein Heroez.

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)

The ship set sail from Nicodranas under Fjord's captaincy, with Jester and Kingsley Tealeaf, and traveled to Bisaft Isle to search for Vandran.[7] The search was successful, and Vandran agreed to sail with the crew for a while.[8] The Nein Heroez adventured throughout the Lucidian Ocean for years afterward. For one month, it sailed alongside the Mollymauk, a captured pirate ship given to Kingsley's command, until Kingsley disappeared with it to join the Revelry.[9]



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