Naviask is a former balor demon who was transformed into a fey spirit. To date, he has not appeared or been mentioned on Critical Role.



After being transformed, Naviask retained his balor shape, but took on a verdant hue. Vines and flowers now cover his body. His inner fire was replaced with sunlight, and his once fiery whip is now pure radiance.[2]




Naviask was once a balor demon obsessed with the destruction of the Feywild. He was transformed into a fey spirit by the archfey Queen Titania of the Summer Court. His new mission is to heal scarred lands with new natural growth. After the Calamity, he was drawn to Exandria, where he seeks to heal the devastation that covers the land of Xhorhas.[2]



  1. Fan art of Naviask, by Weradd (source).  Used DM response with permission.
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