Natibe Kurios was an elven rogue and one of the guards at Greyskull Keep. He was a master of spying and infiltration.[1]  He was presumably killed after Vox Machina sent him to Wildemount to learn about the Briarwoods.[2] As an NPC, Natibe was played by Matthew Mercer.

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"Voice of the Tempest" (1x90) Edit

Upon remembering that Vox Machina had sent Natibe to Wildemount to learn about the Briarwoods several months before, Keyleth attempted to scry on him to see if he was still alive. The scrying failed, meaning that either Natibe had died or he was on another plane of existence. The party assumed he must've been killed by the Briarwoods.

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  • Natibe never actually appeared on Critical Role, although he was mentioned several times by both the players and the characters.

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