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For the uninitiated, here's how the game works: Our storyteller of choice will be starting us off by recording a short story. They will then send off that video to the next person, who will only be able to watch it once. That person must then record themselves recounting that story to the best of their memory before sending their version off to the next person—and so on, and so forth until everyone has gone. The final retelling is sure to be... well, you'll see how it goes.
Marisha Ray's introduction at the beginning of each episode

Narrative Telephone premiered during the programming hiatus caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 as one of three series the studio continued to produce, along with "AWNP: Unplugged" and "Yee-Haw Off the Ranch". Each episode, a cast member determined by a d20 roll told a story, which was then passed down in random order through the rest of the cast. The show proved so popular that it continued once broadcasts of Critical Role itself resumed in July 2020. The first season ended with the broadcast on 21 July 2020.

"Round Two" began October 20, 2020,[1] with a guest star for each episode who became the storyteller in their second appearance. It aired on the third Tuesday of each month, at 4:00 pm Pacific time, and ran from 20 October 2020 through 18 May 2021.

The third season, featuring the cast of Exandria Unlimited, began on Thursday, 23 September 2021 in the usual timeslot for Critical Role's main campaigns.

As of June 2024, new things have been "talked about" amongst the production team at Critical Role for Narrative Telephone.[2]

The theme song for Narrative Telephone is "In the Stars", from Cavendish Music's album "Inspiring Beauty".


For transcripts of each of the original stories, see Narrative Telephone/Transcripts.

Season 1[]

No. overall No. in season Title Storyteller Original airdate Link Runtime
1 1 "Pumat's Stroll" Matthew Mercer 2020-04-06 VOD 0:33:04
Pumat Sol went for a stroll, but how did the story really go?
2 2 "Jester's Tall Tale" Laura Bailey 2020-04-28 VOD 1:01:32
Jester tells a tale, but how far off-course will the retold story sail?
3 3 "Scanlan's Love Story" Sam Riegel 2020-05-12 VOD 1:00:04
Scanlan starts off an all new tale, but how much of the story will stay intact as it is passed throughout the line of cast?
4 4 "Widogast's Web of Words" Liam O'Brien 2020-05-28 VOD 1:14:35
Liam O'Brien weaves a tale that his friends try to pass on to each other without added accent fails...
5 5 "Pike's Purple Jewel Cake" Ashley Johnson 2020-06-11 VOD 1:22:41
Ashley Johnson leads off a new round of Narrative Telephone. How sweet will her revenge be?
6 6 "Story of Beau's" Marisha Ray 2020-06-25 VOD 1:06:36
How much of Marisha Ray's story will survive the cast's flurry of Beaus?
7 7 "Caduceus's Cautionary Chronicle" Taliesin Jaffe 2020-07-07 VOD 1:18:27
Taliesin Jaffe champions a chilling challenge with Caduceus's Cautionary Chronicle.
8 8 "Grog's Vlog" Travis Willingham 2020-07-21 VOD 1:01:16
Travis Willingham flexes his storytelling muscles with Grog's Vlog, and a guest appearance by Macaroni Samsonite.

Season 2: Round 2[]

No. overall No. in season Title Storyteller Original airdate Link Runtime
9 1 "Return of the Matt" Matthew Mercer 2020-10-20 VOD 1:24:04
A Cobalt Soul archivist interviews people who met Vox Machina on their adventures: Balgus; the farmer near Emon whose cows told of the roc; Kaylie; and Victor. Special guest: Brian Wayne Foster.
10 2 "Two Brothers, One Coast" Brian Wayne Foster 2020-11-17 VOD 1:24:39
The father of two brothers settles their dispute with a glizzy eating contest.
11 3 "The Night Before Winter's Crest" Laura Bailey 2020-12-15 VOD 1:01:20
Laura tells a tale of Winter’s Crest with a poetic story that's sure to go down in holiday glory, as Mica Burton joins the crew.
12 4 "Mica Burton Murders Cast of Critical Role" Mica Burton 2021-01-19 VOD 1:21:24
Mica spins with details galore a rapid tour of linguistic shores thus unexplored by previous lores.
13 5 "Questions & Quackery" Liam O'Brien 2021-02-16 VOD 0:59:44
Liam tells an earnest tale where the details are quite fuzzy, as the crew with guest Dani Carr try to embody the best boy Buddy.
14 6 "Familiar Feywild Fables" Dani Carr 2021-03-16 VOD 1:15:45
Lore Keeper Dani Carr tells the tale of Frumpkin's secret Feywild identity.
15 7 "Chutney's Christmas Vacation" Travis Willingham 2021-04-20 VOD 1:13:17
Travis Willingham lets us know what Chutney Chocolatecane has been up to, featuring special guest Aabria Iyengar.
16 8 "Of Heists and Horses" Aabria Iyengar 2021-05-18 VOD 1:03:50
The Round 2 finale of Narrative Telephone has arrived with a story by special guest Aabria Iyengar! How will the cast fare with this tale in their care?

Season 3[]

No. overall No. in season Title Storyteller Original airdate Link Runtime
17 1 "The Curious Casanova" Robbie Daymond 2021-09-23 VOD 1:02:36
The cast of Exandria Unlimited take on the challenge of Narrative Telephone with a story by the bard himself, Robbie Daymond!
18 2 "The Breakup Lettah" Aimee Carrero 2021-10-14 VOD 55:16
Aimee Carrero starts off another round of Narrative Telephone with the cast of Exandria Unlimited!


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  2. See Fireside Chat LIVE with Marisha Ray on Beacon at 57:19 (Subscription required).