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This page is about the organization. For the individual, see The Nameless. For the first episode of Exandria Unlimited Prime, see The Nameless Ones.

We are the ones that are left, but we know better than to use names.

The Nameless Ones are a criminal organization based in Emon.


The symbol used by the Nameless Ones evokes imagery of both the Clasp and the Myriad. It features a five pointed star, like the Myriad's symbol, which is being "clasped" by a hand.[4]


In 840 PD, rival crime syndicates the Myriad and the Clasp came to blows in a turf war in Emon. The public at large is unaware of which of the organizations won, if either. The criminals who remained and banded together no longer use names for their organization.[5] The members appeared to be of all ages, from children to old men and women.[6]

Targets for the Nameless are marked by the symbol of the Nameless Ones.[7]

Arthur, one of the Nameless, referred to it as the "thieves' guild".[8]

Jinoir supplies the Nameless Ones with stolen valuables in Kymal.[9]

Known Members


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