Mythburrow is the cavernous lair of Gelidon, the Nightmare in Ivory, found in the eastern Flotket Alps.


This part of the mountain range has peaks up to three, four, five, 6000 feet. It has a handful of caves across the surface.[1]

The side of the Mythburrow mountain has a gradual incline, it climbs at places and levels out a bit and then climbs more, the higher, the more the incline of rock begins to raise to meet the actual heavy mountainside.[2]


The Mythburrow entrance.[3]

A few hundred feet up from the base of the mountain, is a unnatural frostscape with white-blue ice, looking like a plague of ice vines erupting from the mountain. In the center of that spiraling web of ice, is a massive cluster of ice growths that encircle an 25 feet wide[4] oblong cavern that enters the mountainside.[5] Around the entrance lays snow, ice, dead trees and rocks.[6]

The Cave

The cave is 60 feet tall and 100 feet deep, on the western side of the chamber are makeshift leather tents. On the opposite end of the chamber, is a wide 25-foot tunnel that presses further into the mountain.[7] Inside the tents are numerous bones, cache of frozen meat, basic tools, climbing equipment and very simple drawings. [8] The drawings are of a lizard-like creature with wings depicted in an elevated, god-like position, and little yeti figures with their arms up beneath it., with gifts brought from far away.[9]

The Tunnel

The tunnel begins with a 25 foot wide entrance, along the way the walls covered in ice and stalagmites of ice appear in different areas. After 40 feet the tunnel starts to incline before it continues as a fully vertical path. [10]

Geilidon’s Lair


A group of yetis inhabit the cavern in an apparently symbiotic relationship with Gelidon, bringing her offerings of food left at the base of the shaft leading upward to her lair. They camp in the cavern just inside the entrance, while Gelidon's lair lies deeper inside the cavernous complex.[11]

Notable Personalities

Name Type Description
Gelidon NPC The Nightmare in Ivory, an ancient white dragon.


Age of Arcanum and the Calamity

"Rime and Reason" (2x75)



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