Mr. Mistoffelees is a gloomstalker in the Shadowfell.  As an NPC, Mr. Mistoffelees is played by Matthew Mercer.

Biography Edit

Background Edit

Mr. Mistoffelees lived in the Shadowfell, patrolling Thar Amphala around the area of the tower of Entropis.

"Race to the Tower" (8x03) Edit

While patrolling the skies above Thar Amphala, this gloomstalker caught sight of Vox Machina as they were crawling under a wall into the city. He grabbed Keyleth, the last one to go through, and pulled her back. Scanlan quickly cast Dominate Monster and took control of him, telling him to release Keyleth and tell other gloomstalkers that the hunt was off. He obeyed. After a short discussion, the party gave the creature the name "Mr. Mistoffelees".

Vax'ildan and Scanlan later rode Mr. Mistoffelees up to scout out the ritual taking place atop Entropis.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Mistoffelees' name is most likely borrowed from the character Mr. Mistoffelees in the play Cats!.

References Edit


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