BlackSalander Mother's Lighthouse

Fan art of Mother's Lighthouse, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

Mother's Lighthouse is a beautiful temple to the Wildmother in Nicodranas. Lightkeeper Gladys had been keeping the temple for the entire 86 years that she had spent in Nicodranas.[1]


The lighthouse is located in the center of the harbor where the Restless Wharf transitions into the Open Quay. It sits on a rock that protrudes where the docks come to an end and an element of the stone floor continues out before breaking off into a shelf into the ocean below. The beautiful design of this lighthouse seems natural and a gradual tower-like point on the back side, on the northern side, the southern side that faces the ocean has a 20-foot relief of the upper torso of a woman that is emerging from the lighthouse looking out over the ocean.[2]

A beautiful sculpture with wild hair that tangles and curls around the shoulders and then merges in with the stonework of this lighthouse, what's unique is the way the lighthouse itself is placed as it rotates. As the light beacon comes across, the eyes of the woman flare up as the light passes that side of the tower.[3]

The entrance to the lighthouse is marked by a thick, dark wooden door with a small slot to look through and it is locked. On the inside is a small stepping stool used by the Lightkeeper to look through the slot.[4] Further up the tower is a window that's set right about where the clavicle is. The view from this window is beautiful.[5]

Top FloorEdit

On the Top Floor are no windows, but there is a metal structure that holds up the 15-by-15-foot dome making up the ceiling. Each of the openings between the metal rods are where the light protrudes. In the center of the floor is a rough-cut, quartz-like crystal that's three-and-a-half to four feet in diameter. Every day the lightkeeper needs to invoke the Mother's blessing on the stone to ensure that the light guides the ships back to safe shore. Leaning against the edge of the tower is a spyglass to look at people down below.[6]

The view from the top is of everything around, the harbor, the ocean and the shoreline, the fields and rolling hills that surround Nicodranas, the Cyrios Mountains to the north, and far to the east the jungles that vanish up the sides of the Ashkeeper Peaks. It's a tremendous view the entire city below as well.[7]


"The Ruby and the Sapphire" (2x33)Edit



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