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Morgid is a hobgoblin scout from Urzin.


Morgid is described as "wild-eyed". He's keen to help explore any location that the party he leads comes across, but isn't especially loyal.[3]


Unwelcome Spirits[]

Morgid accompanied the adventuring party hired by Buhfal II to rescue Bol'bara from the Dwendalian outpost Fort Venture. Morgid helped guide the party through the dangerous Brokenveil Marsh, estimating that it would take three days to reach the fort. If he became especially injured in a fight the party encountered, Morgid would abandon the party unless persuaded otherwise.[3] Once arriving at Fort Venture, Morgid offered to provide reconnaissance and distract any Righteous Brand patrols coming towards the fort in order to help the party sneak inside.[4]

Character information[]

Notable items[]


  • Martial Advantage: Once per turn, Morgid can deal 2d6 extra damage to creature with his weapon attack if an ally is within five feet of the target.[1]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "The marsh loves outlanders like you. Loves to gobble 'em up, bones and all. But worry you not, my friends. Morgid will lead the way. Maybe three days of swamp to sift through till we reach Fort Venture. And then it's your time to shine."[3]


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