The Lucidian Coast
Mooren Lake is a crystalline lake north of the Summit Peaks on the Lucidian Coast. It is a fed by the snowmelt from the Alabaster Sierras by the Mooren River Run. Mooren Lake is surrounded both by bountiful wildlife and the terrifying creatures, including tribes of lizardfolk, flocks of harpies, and several hydras that lurk in the depths of the waters. Centuries of whitestone runoff from the Alabaster Sierras has allowed deposits of residuum to collect at the bottom of the lake, the residuum has formed into a organ of raw magical energy and has begun to gain sentience. Folk tales tell of a beautiful, ageless woman known as the Moon Mistress who watches over the shores of twin islands in the lake. It’s said that anyone who seeks an audience with her is judged and granted a boon of unveiled knowledge, a favor, or a swift and terrible end.[1]


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