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Mooren is a fishing village maintained by Whitestone on the shores of the Mooren River Run, for which the village is named.[2]


The village of Mooren surrounds a dock built by the people of Whitestone. The fishers that live here only do so during the warmer spring and summer. During fall and winter the whole population returns to Whitestone, and mages from the city come to cast Arcane Lock on all the establishments in the village, putting the empty town on lockdown until the fishing season returns in spring.[2]



Mooren has a seasonal population of around 5,000 residents from Whitestone of various ancestries during the spring and summer. The town is empty during the rest of the year.



Originally a fishing dock built and guarded by the people of Whitestone,[3] Mooren grew in size after people flocked to Whitestone following the Chroma Crisis. By 836 PD, Mooren has become a small seasonally operating town.

Tal'Dorei Campaign Setting Reborn

In the adventure hook Off-Season Suspicion, Mooren residents who returned to Whitestone for the winter noticed lights in the empty town, believing the mages sent to lock up are working for the Myriad. In truth, the mages are actually mercenaries hired by the League of Miracles to experiment on cold snap spirits and turn them into loyal warriors.[2]


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