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Moonbrush is a heavy forest in Feywild located near the Shademurk Bog. Some branches of Gilded Run flow through the forest.[1]


In their first adventure in the Feywild as a group, Vox Machina has seen vine-covered tree trunks, curling as they stretch upward, and hundreds of small, faerie lights. Also, there are small, little pools scattered across a small field.[2]

Points of interest[]

  • The cave of Orlan: Approximately 100 feet path furnished with extinguished candles all the way to the end chamber. A circular pocket about maybe 40 feet across on each side. The floor of this room is entirely covered in unlit candles. In the center, there are raised stone platform that contains a singular skull made of a bluish or aquamarine crystal.[3]
  • The Last Campsite of Sorudun the Happy: A clearing with a fire pit, a violin, a flute and a set of drums. The magical music it produces attracts people, forcing them to dance to death, with the bones of the previous victims littering the ground.[4]
  • A village of Wisher pixies



Fan art of Orlan defending his cave in "Heredity and Hats" (1x60), by J.T. Arndt.[art 1]


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