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A moon sickle is a magic sickle that gives off faint moonlight and grants benefits to practitioners of nature magic.[1]



A moon sickle has a silver blade that glows with moonlight.


The moon sickle must be attuned by a druid or a ranger. The weapon can be uncommon and grant a +1 bonus; rare and grant a +2 bonus; or very rare and grant a +3 bonus. A druid or ranger who has attuned this weapon can use that bonus when they attack and damage with the moon sickle. Additionally, this bonus applies to their spell attacks and spell save DCs when they cast druid or ranger spells. The moon sickle can also act as a spell focus, and when the wielder casts a spell that restores hit points, they can roll an additional d4 and add it to the total of restored points if they are holding the sickle when they cast the spell.[1]


Fearne Calloway purchased a +1 moon sickle[3] from Gilmore's Glorious Goods for 500 gold.[4] She used it in the fight against Myr'atta Niselor's constructs.[5]


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