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This article is about Taliesin Jaffe's player character. For the NPC and original owner of the body, see Lucien Tavelle. For Molly's symbolic brother, see Kingsley Tealeaf. For the ship named after Molly, see Mollymauk (ship).

I am your god! Long may I reign!
Mollymauk Tealeaf[10]

Mollymauk Tealeaf is a tiefling blood hunter and member of the Mighty Nein. He is played by Taliesin Jaffe.



Mollymauk Official byArianaOrner

Official full body portrait of Mollymauk Tealeaf, by Ari.[art 2]

Molly is a genderfluid[11] lavender tiefling with red eyes. His curled horns are pierced and extremely ostentatious, with little gems and baubles, and his flamboyant appearance was often commented upon. He wears a bright and colorful robe covered with different religious symbols.[12] Molly was introduced with two swords and a pouch that dangled from his hips. He also has many small straight, overlapping scars on his neck, upper chest, and arms, presumably from drawing his own blood to activate his swords. Molly has a light Irish accent[13] while apparently in his previous incarnation of Lucien it was much more prominent.[14]


Molly first awoke with a red eye tattoo on the right side of his neck, on his right shoulder, two on his upper back, and on the back and palm of his right hand. He integrated and concealed these eyes within a serpent tattoo that curled all along the length of his right hand and up his arm, then winded into a floral piece on his shoulder, and then into a peacock with tail feathers that ran up the side of his face. Although he has tried to tattoo over the eyes, they would not take ink.[15] It was confirmed by Yasha that Molly had nine 'eye tattoos' on his body.[16][17]

Between his shoulder blades rising towards the hairline, he has tattoos of an eye within a pyramid, illuminated by another eye above it. A moon and sun tattoo flanks it and connects through it like a mantle.[18]


Molly has been described as a "literal and figurative peacock". He frequently tells extravagant lies with little mind for whether or not his audience believes them. He is not visibly affected by insults, as shown by his lack of reaction when the old man in the Old Mud Hole called him a devil and told him to leave town.

Molly is very confident about his appearance and often mentions nudity, both his own and others'.

He finds everything delightful and is on board for any thrill or high.[19] Though he doesn't seem to mind rough living, he is also interested in extravagant — borderline hedonistic— pursuits, including being hand-fed fruit, illegal recreational drug use, and getting full release massages from both male and female escorts.

Mollymauk has no attachment to whatever his life was before his own life began. He has no desire to remember the life of the person who ended up buried where he woke up,[20] though he has expressed some regret at not experiencing a childhood.[21]



Mollymauk's body was originally inhabited by another person: Lucien. Lucien grew up in Shadycreek Run and later joined the Claret Orders, before spliting up and forming the Tombtakers, a small group of mercenary blood hunters. In 831 PD, Lucien acquired a tome[22] that allowed him to gain powers and knowledge from the Somnovem, an ancient group of mages ruling a living city in the Astral Sea. Drawn in by the promise of power, Lucien attempted to complete a ritual to reach the Somnovem in 833 PD, but was double-crossed by the mage he hired to perform the ritual, Vess DeRogna,[23] and his soul was broken and scattered. Believing him to be dead, his allies buried his body not far from their hideout and went their separate ways. Vess DeRogna took the tome as part of the arrangement Lucien had with her.[24][25] A piece of Lucien's soul, which would eventually become Mollymauk, remained in his body.

Molly and the Knot Sisters - Origins Molly

Official art of Molly watching the Knot Sisters, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf.[art 3]

Mollymauk woke up buried in the ground with no memories that same year, and regarded that awakening as the moment he came into existence. He shortly thereafter joined The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, thus later claiming that he had been with them for as "long as [he] can reasonably remember".[26] According to Toya (who had been the most recent member when he arrived), Molly didn't talk properly when he first joined the carnival,[27] constantly repeating the word "empty". The performers became the tiefling's new family, and the fortune teller, Lestera, took him under her wing, encouraging him to participate in the carnival celebrations and inspiring him to commemorate the special events with tattoos. Little by little, the tiefling began to regain his speech, and his new friend decided to teach him how to read cards.[28] He was good at it, although his fortune-telling "abilities" came from card-reading techniques and sleight of hand, not actual magic, and he never tried to develop an act about his readings for the show itself.[29] It was then when Gustav Fletching, who had heard Molly's first word as the letters "M.T.", forged papers for him under the name "Mollymauk Tealeaf" in the hopes that these initials were either somehow significant to Molly or his original name. Although he didn't want to know anything about his past, he accepted his new name.[30]

Molly stayed with the carnival, occasionally leaving to have small adventures by himself, like burning the house of a cruel landlord between Berleben and Felderwin after robbing him; whenever he went to those missions he would say he was at choir practice. He spent a lot of time with Lestera, mostly drinking, and he trusted her judgement; thus, when he discovered that he had abilities connected to hemocraft during a fight, it was Lestera who encouraged him to tell Gustav, who quickly incorporated said abilities into the carnival shows.[31] He took "The Ice Spinner" as his stage name, likely due to his ability to summon ice with his blood.[32]

Lestera's funeral - Origins Molly

Official art of Lestera's funeral, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf.[art 4]

It was at some point after Mollymauk's first performance with his swords, between 833 and 834 PD, that Lestera died, being found by the tiefling in their usual drinking spot. During the fortune teller's funeral, following her wishes, Gustav gave Molly part of Lestera's wardrobe and her deck of oracle cards. Thus, the blood hunter succeeded his dear friend as the carnival's fortune teller, and in keeping with her legacy, he created new cards for the deck. He also helped a new member of the carnival, Yasha Nydoorin, feel welcome, just as Lestera had done with him: he had found the fallen aasimar surrounded by fearful people in Eastern Wynandir, but he convinced them that despite her scary appearance Yasha was actually a redeemed and pious demon just like himself, so the townsfolk left them alone. The two of them became friends, and she saved his life at least once during one of his brief adventures as a vigilante.[33]

Royal scam - Origins Molly

Official art of Molly pretending to be a royal, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf.[art 5]

At some point between 834 and the first half of 835 PD Molly heard about how the lawmaster of Nogvurot was scamming his people by making them believe he had connections with the royal family of a foreign empire (when in fact he was just taking their money). Wanting to scam the scammer, Mollymauk and the carnival traveled there, with the tiefling pretending to be the duke of Ashtania, a member of the non-existent royal family. He made the lawmaster believe that he and his friends were there to support him in exchange for half of his profits that month. Molly and his friends from the carnival stayed for three weeks,[34] entertaining the people, and at the end of it they betrayed the lawmaster by telling the townsfolk that he had been scamming both them and the duke; the scammer was banished from Nogvurot, the people recovered part of the money that had been swindled from them, and the carnival members left the place with some profit.[35]

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

The Mighty Nein - Origins Molly

Official art of Molly and Yasha meeting their new friends, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf.[art 6]

Arc 1: Come Together[]

"Curious Beginnings" (2x01)
Mollymauk invited Caleb, Nott, Beau, Jester, and Fjord to go watch the evening circus performance in Trostenwald. During the show, an old man was transformed into a zombie and a fight between them ensued.

"A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02)
While staying at the inn, Molly was asked about the nature of Kylre. He replied by saying that an incident like this had never happened before.

Molly and Nott Exchange by cgkpluie

Fan art of Mollymauk Tealeaf and Nott, after the latter is caught rummaging through Fjord's things in "Zemnian Nights" (2x11), by Rebecca Snowden.[art 7]

"Disparate Pieces" (2x04)
After the fight with Kylre, Molly picked up Toya and walked slowly back to the boat, comforting her through this tough realization.

"Waste and Webs" (2x10)
Molly caught Nott sneaking into Molly and Fjord's room heading for Fjord's pack. He held up a piece of paper and asked if she was looking for it. Nott asked Molly to give her the piece of paper, but he refused unless they made a trade. Nott gave him a vial of acid and opened the piece of paper, finding it was blank. When Fjord came back in, Molly told him what had happened, and Fjord shooed her out of the room.[36]

"Zemnian Nights" (2x11)
Fjord and Molly set a trap in their room for Nott, using Minor Illusion to create a pile of buttons topped with a jeweled flask. She saw the pile along with Fjord's belongings to one side and snuck in. Fjord and Molly slammed the door on her, trapping her, and Molly cast Devil's Tongue, charming her. She admitted that she was looking for Fjord's letter to the Soltryce Academy to give to Caleb.[37]

"Fleeting Memories" (2x14)
Upon meeting Cree in the Evening Nip and being addressed as Lucien, Mollymauk panicked and insisted that the Mighty Nein play along.[38] He tried to pass himself off as having the same personality as Lucien to Cree, possibly succeeding.[39] Later, under a Zone of Truth, Molly revealed his amnesia and desire to live as a new person separate from whoever Lucien may have been.[40]

Arc 2: The Bad Guys[]

Episode 141 Molly Umbo

Fan art of Molly entertaining Ombo, by nelmdraws.[art 8]

Episode 142 Heather Hood Mollymauk's Grave

Fan art of Mollymauk's Grave, by Heather Hood.[art 9]

LongMayHeReign HighRes

Fan art of Molly's grave, by Genel Jumalon.[art 10]

"Found & Lost" (2x26)
When the Mighty Nein met Jumnda and Ombo, two members of the recently decimated Guiatao Clan, Molly entertained the firbolg boy, giving him one of his moon trinkets as a present.

While on watch with Beau, Molly revealed that the best lie he ever told was when, as part of a scam and initiation test for The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, he spent three weeks pretending to be a reincarnated royal from overseas. Beau told Molly she once found out a politician and his wife were both cheating on each other then used that information to ruin their relationship and their lives. Molly was impressed and was sure the politician and his wife had it coming.[41]

Having tracked and set an ambush on the Glory Run Road ahead of the Iron Shepherds and their slave wagon convoy, Keg and the remaining members of the Mighty Nein quickly faced losing odds as they attempted to do battle and recover their abducted members. Although the party had managed to down the half-orc druid Dwelma, they were outnumbered and outskilled. Gravely injured and facing off against Lorenzo with Beau, Molly attempted to use his Blood Maledict ability to hinder Lorenzo's attacks. However, he was already injured enough that this effort knocked him unconscious. Lorenzo planted his glaive into Mollymauk's chest. Mollymauk, knowing this was his end, spat blood into the face of Lorenzo. Noting his respect for Molly fighting until his end, Lorenzo twisted his glaive and left Molly to expire with his eyes open to the falling snow of the northern Marrow Valley.[42] The in game date of Molly's death was 22 Fessuran 835.

"Converging Fury" (2x27)
After Beau looted Molly's body for his Periapt of Wound Closure, tarot deck, Summer's Dance, and his gold (intended to help pay for his eventual resurrection), the party buried Molly along the side of the road. Beau poured out a drink for Molly, and the party toasted: "Long may he reign."

"The Journey Home" (2x30)
When visiting the grave of Mollymauk, the group found that his coat was still there. Jester, Fjord and Yasha said their goodbyes. Jester left the Moon card at his grave in a memorial of him. Caduceus Clay used his cantrip, Decompose, to make sure that the earth remembered Molly. The cantrip triggers one minute of rapid decomposition by fungus and, potentially, flowers. (Requirements for resurrection remain unaffected.)

Arc 6: Weird Magic[]

Lucien by Yettinim

Fan art of Lucien revived, by Yettinim.[art 11]

"New Homes and Old Friends" (2x111)
The group returned to the gravesite alongside Glory Run Road intending to cast Speak with Dead to ask Molly, or Lucien, about the "eyes of nine", but found the grave empty. Jester then used his blood (obtained from the Gentleman) to cast Scry on him. She saw a familiar purple tiefling, bundled up against a blizzard, walking with confidence towards an unknown destination. His coat had been left behind, found twenty feet from the gravemarker and left to the elements until it was retrieved by Veth and taken into her possession. [43]

"The Chase Begins" (2x112)
Jester used Speak with Plants to talk to Henry Crabgrass who revealed that Mollymauk's body had been exhumed and ritually resurrected about fifty days earlier (around 11 Thunsheer 836 PD), approximately six-and-a-half months after his death.[44] Jester later Scryed on him a second time to find him staring into a fire, eating dried jerky and appearing pensive, huddled, and contemplative.[45]

"The Tortoise and The Dare" (2x117)
The Mighty Nein finally caught up to the purple tiefling, and he revealed that he was Lucien, the original soul within Mollymauk's body. He revealed that he had none of Mollymauk's memories and regarded Molly as a temporary uninvited guest in his body. Lucien indicated to the Mighty Nein that Mollymauk means nothing to him, although he understood their grief.

Soon after Yasha gave Lucien a four-leaf clover that Mollymauk gave her for luck, while he was thinking about it, an echo of Molly's consciousness manifested in Lucien's mind, starting to speak with the Nonagon, annoying him and recrimating his behaviour.[46]

"Ice and Fire" (2x121)
After Jester did a tarot card reading for Lucien, Molly's voice inside the Nonagon's head gained strength, criticising his ambition for reaching Cognouza and stating his intention of stopping him from hurting his friends and their world.[47]

"Hell or High Water" (2x136)
The Mighty Nein caught up to Lucien and Cree when they were about to escape into the Astral Plane through the Immensus Gate in the Genesis Ward, where Caleb's words managed to make Lucien's hand twitch, and Molly's echo inside of him talked to the Nonagon again,[48] but were unable to prevent them going through it.[49]

"Rebirth" (2x139)
During their final battle against Lucien in the Astral Sea, the Mighty Nein began to talk to him as if he were still Molly, making allusions to Mollymauk's life and their relationship with him. This seemed to cause Lucien pain, prevented him from completing attacks against them, and made him lose Legendary Actions, each reference to Mollymauk's life altered him more and more, while he argued intensely with the echo in his head.[50]

"Long May He Reign" (2x140)

The Might Nien by Genel Jumalon

Fan art of Molly's soul being restored, by Genel Jumalon.[art 12]

The party continued to attempt to reach Molly as they took down Lucien. As he was dealt his final blow, Lucien grabbed his own chest and ripped it apart, accepting Molly's "reaching hand" as a way out.[51]

After the battle, Caleb used his Transmuter's Stone to cast Raise Dead on Lucien's body, seeking to bring back Mollymauk. Yasha placed Molly's coat over the body and begged him to return, kissing his cheek. Jester took out his tarot cards and asked him to return to teach her about them. Beau then laid Molly's belt over the body and tried to push the blood back within. The tiefling's body was healed, but the ritual failed, and Molly's soul didn't return to his body.[52]

As the group grieved, Caleb began to cast Vault of Amber on the body so that it could be brought back to the Material Plane. While he did so, Caduceus used Divine Intervention to ask the Wildmother to restore Molly's soul, and succeeded. Plants, vines, and moss began to grow and bloom around the body, encasing it. The tiefling's eyes opened, and he sprung up, confused, repeating only one word: "Empty". He began to look at the Nein with a hint of recognition, pointing to them in turn and naming the Tarot card he had created based on them, long ago. The tiefling let Jester and Yasha hug him, seeming to trust them even though he could not communicate much. The tiefling then joined the rest of the group as Caduceus cast Plane Shift, and they all headed to the Blooming Grove.[53]

"Fond Farewells" (2x141)
In the Blooming Grove, the tiefling wandered around happily and curiously, the others wondering if he was still the same person.[54] The next morning, Jester cast Greater Restoration on him, and he regained the ability to speak and think for himself.[55] However, he felt that he was not Mollymauk, although he retained some of his skills and the Mighty Nein seemed familiar to him. He chose the name Kingsley Tealeaf, declaring that he would think of Mollymauk like his brother.[56] Years later, Kingsley captained a ship he renamed Mollymauk, with which he joined the Revelry.[57]


Lestera and Molly - Origins Molly

Official art of Lestera and Molly drinking together, by Hunter Severn Bonyun and Cathy Le from The Mighty Nein Origins: Mollymauk Tealeaf.[art 13]


Lestera was one of Molly's first and closest friends. She taught him how to have fun, and shared her knowledge of card reading with him. Their relationship was hedonistic and carefree, and when she died, he kissed her goodbye and kept her legacy alive.[58]


Main article: Relationship between Mollymauk and Yasha.

Mollymauk and Yasha were close friends. The two of them travelled together with The Fletching and Moondrop Traveling Carnival of Curiosities and were close enough to give each other physical signs of affection, like a kiss on the forehead or a slap on the butt, and share their story with each other. Molly and Yasha had a lot in common when it came to their past, the two of them having missing memories, and were trying to distance themselves from who they were before. Mollymauk's death was especially hard on Yasha.

Jester Lavorre[]

Molly read Jester's fortune for two copper pieces, using a small set of cards. He predicted that there was something bright and adventurous in her future. That night at the Traveling Carnival of Curiosities, he showed her the moon and shadow cards together and asked if she understood what they meant, possibly in reference to the Moonweaver.

Jester and Molly got along well during his time with the Mighty Nein. When dramatizing her Hellish Rebuke in Infernal, Jester chose phrases to make Molly laugh; without Molly there, she generally just screams.

In "Bathhouses and Bastions" (2x90), Jester found research that led her to believe that Moonweaver-specific tarot decks were meant to be "deceptive" and "relative" to those who the deck was being read to, as are the tenets of the Moonweaver. This research allowed her to realize that Molly's tarot deck was not only self-created and incomplete but also did not correspond to more traditional tarot decks found within Exandria.[59]


When Caleb was dissociating after killing the gnoll priest with his Fire Bolt,[60] Mollymauk called him from his withdrawn state. Mollymauk also confronted Caleb about what he viewed as him keeping loot and not sharing it with the other members of the group, pinning him against a wall and telling him it was fine to skim something off the top but to distribute 60 or 70 percent of it.[61]

Caleb included a stained glass window in the library of his nine-sided tower that was reminiscent of Mollymauk's signature coat.


Molly and Fjord had a friendly relationship, often being roommates at inns. Fjord wanted to learn about Molly's ritual with his swords and asked to join in. He hoped that Molly might have knowledge about magical swords that could be helpful to him as he searched for the meaning of his falchion. Before Molly's amnesia was revealed, Fjord realized Molly was lying about where his swords and his powers came from. For unknown reasons, he decided not to confront Molly or tell anyone else.

The two frequently collaborated in Zadash, particularly in causing a distraction at The Guided Hand Infirmary, and in trapping Nott when she attempted to go through Fjord's things in their shared room at the inn.[62][63]

Before leaving the town of Berleben, Fjord confided in Molly about his concerns about the new eye in the center of his falchion.[64] Molly attempted to charm him in response to get more information, but it failed.[65]

After Molly's death, Fjord felt guilty that he wasn't there to save his life. He attuned to Molly's sword, the Summer's Dance, as a way of remembering him and keeping his legacy alive.[66]


Molly was initially annoyed by Beau's abrasiveness. When describing her to fellow carnival members, Molly said, "She’s helping, she’s awful, you have a lot in common."[67] Beau, in return, was put off by Molly's lying and teasing. He supported her efforts to change, and they went on to develop a close, sibling-like relationship.

Molly thought that his death enabling Beau's survival was worth it, and Taliesin joked that Molly would forever have a "one-up" on her.[68]

Beau has taken Molly's lessons to heart and is trying to take baby steps towards leaving towns better than she finds them.[69]

Beau asked Orly Skiffback to give her a magical tattoo of the All-Seeing Eye, like the one on the back of Molly's neck, using the design from the matching card in his tarot deck.[70]

Character information[]


Molly didn't seem to have goals other than enjoying his newfound life.


  • Skills: Acrobatics, Deception, Insight, Sleight of Hand
  • Tools: Alchemist's supplies, disguise kit[71]

Notable items[]


Fan art of Mollymauk wearing his newly acquired Periapt of Wound Closure, by Elaine Tipping.[art 14]

  • Pair of decorated scimitars (constructed of carnival glass)[72]
  • Marked "fortune-telling" deck[73] (Taken by Beau after Molly's death, currently in possession of Jester)
    • "The Silver Dragon"
    • "The Anvil"
    • "The Serpent"
    • "The Eye"
    • "The Hand"
    • "The Moon" (returned to grave marker by Jester)[74]
    • "The Shadow"
    • "The Chariot"
    • "The Home"
    • "The Traveler"
    • "The Magician" (Molly's depiction of Caleb)
    • "The Tinker" (Molly's depiction of Nott)
  • Disguise Kit
  • Pouch, bedazzled with gems, containing incense
  • Periapt of Wound Closure (taken by Beau)
  • Old, rusted, iron helmet that is at least two hundred years old (obtained from a cemetery)[75]
  • A "deeply gaudy" tapestry with a symbol of the Platinum Dragon embroidered into it.[76]
  • A brooch of the Platinum Dragon.[77][78]
  • Summer's Dance Scimitar (a +1 scimitar that can cast Misty Step)[79] (looted by Beau after Molly's death, temporarily became a part of Fjord's pact weapon under Uk'otoa)



Variant tiefling abilities[]

  • Darkvision
  • Devil's Tongue
  • Hellish Resistance

Blood hunter abilities[]

Though concealed on his body, regardless of where he cut himself to use his rite powers, a single red eye on his body bled in response. Different abilities cause this reaction for different eyes. [85].

  • Blood Curses (2)
    • Blood Curse of the Eyeless[86]
    • Blood Curse of Purgation[87]
  • Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Ghostslayer
    • Esoteric Rite: Rite of the Dawn[88]
  • Blood Maledict (1 use)
  • Crimson Rite (1d6)
    • Primal Rite: Rite of the Frozen[89]
  • Extra Attack
  • Fighting Style: Two-Weapon Fighting[90]
  • Hunter's Bane

Level 15 abilities[]

In "Vox Machina vs. Mighty Nein" (Sx57), a non-canon battle royale between members of Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein, Mollymauk appeared as a level 15 version of himself, with the following statistics:

Armor Class: 19
Hit Points: 154

10 18 14 11 16 11

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Mollymauk: "Can you hand me your staff so I can watch this? I want to see this limp of yours. Purely for my own entertainment."
    Beauregard: "Are you patronizing me, Mollymauk?"
    Mollymauk: "No, I'm hoping that you’re going to patronize us."[91]
  • "We're carnival people, we've all got our issues. You don't end up here if you're not a little weird."[92]
  • ‪"Mother always told me to never give a story away for free.‬"[93]
  • "They say solitaire is a game for the death obsessed, there's an inevitability to every hand, most of them are doomed from the start no matter what you do". [94]
  • "When in doubt, if something goes wrong, just... nudity. It usually works."[95]
  • "BECAUSE I'M WEIRD!"[96] (when asked why he joined the circus)
  • "I'm always ready to make a damn fool of myself."[97]
  • “Be the chaos you want to see in the world.”[98]
  • "I don’t want to remember anything, I don’t want anybody else’s baggage in my head, I don’t want anybody else’s problems, thoughts, ideas… I like this person, right now, is a good person, is a fine person, is a happy person."[99]
  • "I spent two years before I met you all cajoling people, occasionally ripping them off, occasionally doing a good turn here or there. Never trust the truth. The truth is vicious, the truth thinks that you owe it something… None of that. I like my bullshit. It’s good, it’s happy, it makes other people happy."[100]
  • "Let me make this abundantly clear: My name is Molly. That person is dead, and not me. It's just a person who had this body. They abandoned it. It's mine now."[101]
  • "I am your god! Long may I reign!"[102]
  • "There's nothing better than waking up with no pants and flowers in your hair."[103]
  • "I'm always interested in people who are excited to experiment."[104]
  • Molly: (suggesting Keg hire the Mighty Nein) "Twenty gold."
    Keg: "You just gave me twenty gold."
    Molly: "Yes, that's how I know you can afford us."[105]
  • "I don't care where anyone's from. It's nice. I certainly don't care where I'm from."[106]
  • Matt: "Molly, you have a brief moment. As the consciousness and life leaves you, what are your last words?"
    Taliesin: (spits with blood.)
    Matt: "As it slams into his face-"
    Matt, as Lorenzo: "Respect,"
    Matt: "-and then twists the blade. The life leaves Molly."
    Taliesin: "Eyes never shut."[107]
  • "Well fuck you too!" (Molly's parting thoughts)


  • Taliesin Jaffe confirmed that "Mollymauk" is named after Alan "Mollymauk" Musgrave in the 1966 teen comedy film "Lord Love a Duck", which had been directed by Taliesin's grandfather, George Axelrod.
  • Molly's initials are MT, a homophone for the first thing he initially said ("empty"). Taliesin confirmed this as intentional.[108]
  • Taliesin originally intended for Mollymauk's last name to be "Trickfoot," but Matt didn't want such an explicit reference to the first campaign so early on.[109]
  • "Mollymauk" is a modification of "Mollymawk", the name of a species of albatross in the genus Thalassarche that originates from the Dutch "mallemok" (mal - foolish, and mok - gull).
    • The word "albatross" is sometimes used metaphorically to mean a psychological burden that feels like a curse.
    • In maritime superstition, to be followed by an albatross was considered a sign of good luck for a ship; killing the bird, such as in Samuel Coleridge's The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, is said to bring a curse onto the killer and their ship.
  • "Molly" is a slang term for the psycoactive drug MDMA, also known as ecstasy, known for inducing feelings of euphoria, increased self-confidence, increased empathy and closeness with others and oneself, relaxation and reduced anxiety, a sense of inner peace, mild hallucinogenic effects, altered sense of time, and enhanced sensation, perception, or sexuality.
    • "Molly" also was a slang term (and slur, since it's derived from an older word for a female prostitute) for queer men in 18th/19th century Britain, as well as for people we would now call genderqueer or transgender, but who were born into a male-assigned body and who could only present as their psychological gender temporarily within self-created (and very illegal) safe spaces. See also: Molly houses.
  • "Tealeaf" is a suggested surname for halflings in several editions of the Player's Handbook.
    • "Tea leaf" is also Cockney rhyming slang for "thief".
    • Tasseography (also known as tasseomancy or tassology) is a method of divination or fortune-telling that interprets tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.
  • Molly implied himself to be a worshiper of The Platinum Dragon in public.[110]. While under the influence of Jester's Zone of Truth, Molly revealed that he actually worshiped the Moonweaver (an unapproved deity in the Dwendalian Empire). However, he explicitly stated that his swords were entirely nonmagical and his "worship" over them was a show.[111]
  • Molly didn't get peacock feathers tattooed until after Lestera's death. Since there were peacock feathers in her coffin, it's possible that the tattoo was to remember her.[113]
    • After getting tattooed, he and Yasha got drunk, and she wouldn't stop touching him on the tattooed area despite his complaints.[114] The tattoo Yasha kept mentioning was the one with the peacock, so it is very likely that Molly would have decided to improve or expand the design of that tattoo.
  • Nonagon is the name of a nine-sided polygon (also called an enneagon), from the Latin nonus ("nine") + gōnía ("corner").
    • The band They Might Be Giants have a song entitled "Nonagon" on their children's album Here Come the 123s. It refers to both an attendee at a party at which "everybody in the party is a many-sided polygon" and a dance they perform at this party.
      • Taliesin has quoted lines from TMBG's song "Don't Let's Start".
    • Temples of the Baha'i Faith (a religion teaching the essential worth of all religions, and the unity and equality of all people) are required to be nonagonal, an essential architectural character stipulated by 'Abdu'l-Bahá, a head of the Baha'i Faith. In the Baha'i Faith, the number nine represents completeness.
    • The number 9 has significance in several cultures , including the nine planets of Hinduism, an association with the Chinese dragon (a symbol of power, magic, and good luck), the Ennead (nine deities worshiped at the major city of Heliopolis) of Egypt, the Nine Worthies that personified the ideals of chivalry of the Middle Ages, the nine worlds of Norse mythology, and the nine muses of Greek mythology. There are also nine circles of Hell in Dante's Inferno, and nine rings of power in J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-Earth.
      • The Nine Days of Av are a religious observance in Judaism that takes place during the first nine days of the Jewish month of Av. It is a period of semi-mourning leading up to Tisha B'Av, the ninth day of Av on which both Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed. Jaffe's grandfather George Axelrod was born to a Russian Jewish father.
    • This is also a nod, coincidental or not, to the group's name The Mighty Nein.
    • The nines of the Minor Arcana in a classic tarot deck are generally read as completion and fulfillment of the suit's meaning.
    • "Nine-sided" is also part of many insults, mostly British, as in a nine-sided bastard, meaning someone devious or deceptive.[115]
  • Molly was the first player character of the Mighty Nein to be knocked unconscious in combat.
  • Taliesin has compared Molly's personality to that of Hunter S. Thompson.[116]
  • Taliesin had hoped that Molly could continue coming up with new lies about his backstory for a long time, but was forced to come clean during the events of "Fleeting Memories" (2x14).[117]
Lucien and Molly talk about gender by Robin

Fan art of Molly, Lucien and their gender identity, by Robin.[art 15]

  • Molly was bisexual and had no apparent gender preference for who he slept with, as seen when he bought the services of two courtesans and when asked about his preference of gender, he specified he only cared about the one with the best hands and best conversation.[118]
    • Molly has also been described as having a "difficult to make out gender" appearance-wise.[119]
      • Matt said that Mollymauk was openly bisexual and genderfluid during an interview on the DnD Beyond channel on Twitch.
        • Lucien Tavelle (the original owner of Molly's body) had also little preference for his lovers (having a romance with his friend Brevyn Oakbender and having slept with several men);[120] after he started seeing himself as the Nonagon he also started defining himself as genderfluid.[121]
  • Taliesin confirmed that, had Molly lived longer, he would have tried to seduce most of the members of the Mighty Nein.[122]
  • Taliesin considered Molly functionally illiterate due to his lack of interest in reading.[123]
  • At episode 27, Molly had the most kills (21) and HDYWTDT (7) of the Mighty Nein.
  • Mollymauk was the first player character to die in Campaign Two.
    • In "The Journey Home" (2x30) Caduceus used Decompose to make sure that "the earth remembers" Molly. Resurrection remained a possibility due to the nature of the cantrip.[124]
    • The party later discovered Molly's grave empty and his body apparently alive and well.[125] They later learned that Lucien, who had previously inhabited Molly's body, had regained control after his resurrection and thus Molly's consciousness had not returned.[126]
    • After Lucien's defeat, Caduceus successfully used Divine Intervention to allow a second chance of success for Caleb's Raise Dead to return Molly's consciousness to his body.[127] However, it wasn't Molly who was resurrected, but a new being who took the name Kingsley Tealeaf.[citation needed]
  • Lucien had a younger sister, Aldreda, and a niece, Marii.[128] Molly had no connection with either of them, and he probably didn't know they exist, since he actively avoided any contact with Lucien's life or influence.

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