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Molaesmyr was the ancient home of the northern elves of Wildemount.


The ruins of Molaesmyr are located in the northern Savalirwood near the Boreal Omen River.[3] The ruins lay below a dense forest canopy that block out most sunlight, and the rubble and collapsing towers are covered in thorny vines and toxic fungi. The area is shrouded in perpetual fog, and many of the trees closest to the center of the former city are diseased.[4]

While the elves who survived the fall of the city have long since fled, strange fey creatures live amid the ruins, along with the mutated creatures of the surrounding Savalirwood and even some monstrous former elves, transformed[4] by the strange, purple and gray shadow that spelled the fall of the city.[1]

In more recent years, Uthodurn has sent expeditions to discover a way to fight the corruption, as well as to search for relics of Molaesmyr. Mercenaries and looters from Shadycreek Run have also ventured to the ruins, in an attempt to profit from the treasure or elven secrets they may find.[4]


Molaesmyr was once a powerful elven nation, at one point the most prominent elven society on Wildemount. However, in 585 PD,[1] "through some strange, not entirely understood cataclysm, the city fell, and the surrounding forest was corrupted, which is now known as the Savalirwood." The elves "scattered in two directions. Some of them fled westward and became the elves that eventually were taken to the Empire in Bysaes Tyl and throughout the rest of Western Wynandir and Wildemount." The others went northward and joined Uthodurn, which had previously been founded by the dwarves.[5]

Dwueth'var, the Star Razor, was sundered in a terrible battle deep within the ruins of Molaesmyr.[6]

The corruption of the Savalirwood that encroached on the Blooming Grove originated from the ruins of Molaesmyr.[7][8] While they were exploring the ruins of Aeor, the Mighty Nein noticed that the corruption of trees found there was very similar to that of the Savalirwood, although Caduceus was reluctant to investigate further.[9] In the Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up, Matt confirmed the corruption did in fact trace back to something brought back from Aeor.[10]

Points of Interest

Caes Mosor was the central tower of Molaesmyr, and it is thought that the source of the corruption came from the labyrinth below that tower.[4]



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